churrusco Registered User

Hi. I live near Dundrum. Initially I thought to sign up with Dundrum gym but found it was closed. I have been in Benildus Gym for one year and I found it quite nice. However, it does close this month.

Does anyone know an alternative gym near Dundrum? Heard about Westwood in Leopardstown but seems quite expensive.


andywozhere Registered User

There are a couple of other gyms in Dundrum, Fitworks and the atrociously named "Luschin Martin"... don't know what they're like though. Maybe try for a list of gyms in Dublin 16.

liamo Registered User

Jackie Skelly is opening in Nutgrove about now (just opposite the Shopping Centre) and Total Fitness have a gym in Sandyford.

justdoit Registered User

jackie skelly are doing a decent switcher offer for benildus members too. they hava a stand in nutgrove shopping centre at the moment if you wanted to talk about facilities, rates etc...

dudara Administrator

There is an LA Fitness in Dartry and a David Lloyd gym in Clonskeagh

Seraphina Registered User

crunch fitness in ucd if you're looking for a cheaper option.
open to the public at a very decent rate.

churrusco Registered User

Thanks guys.

All of them seem decent options, but they are quite far from the luas green line, aren't they? The problem is that I don't have car. I guess I'll have to go running

Vinnie K Registered User

LA Fitness wouldnt be too far, id say 10-15mins walk form the mill town stop i think.

Seraphina Registered User

get a bike
if you're intent on getting fit its a good investment anyway.

churrusco Registered User

True. Dartry seems close enough. I wonder if the LA gym is worth. I think I'll try their free day option.

That's true Seraphina

Anyways, now in winter is too dark to go with the bycicle (for me) and also my girlfriend does not have one, so it would be a bit of a mess.


Gaucho Registered User

There is a school on the upper Kilmacud Road which has a gym and does memberships and all that. I don't know the name of the school but I know a couple of people who use it.

They really like it cause it is not packed all the time and not full of posers.

It would be in walking distance and may suit you.


churrusco Registered User

Actually I reckon you're talking about Benildus HFC. That's the gym I used to go to. Was really nice but they close it down this month due to problems with the council.

The FitnessDock Registered User

andywozhere said:
There are a couple of other gyms in Dundrum, Fitworks and the atrociously named "Luschin Martin"... don't know what they're like though.

Is that a joke?

Martin Luschin is an excellent Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor based in Dublin.

Check out his website


Scoobydoobydoo Registered User

Total Fitness, Sandyford, up around Ticknock.

HammerHeadGym Registered User

Isn't there a westwood at the sandyford end of the luas line? Or am I thinking of total fitness?

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