I am a member of the IMCC. I just got a flyer in the post today from the IMCC. It states that there is a fair going to be held on Saturday 12th May 2012 at the North Star Hotel, Dublin.

Admission is €4. Members are free.

Altogether I think there is approximately 400 members of the IMCC which usually means a good turn out.

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Fort Camden in Crosshaven are pleased to announce a history Weekend in the Fort.

Our aim is to have a cross section of history showing different periods and what it was like at the time period in question, while also giving members of the public a chance to see history a...s it would have been.

It will be running Saturday July 7th and Sunday July 8th. groups can set up on Friday 6th July. Groups can set up living history displays and or re-enactments.

There will be a BBQ on the Saturday night.

The event is being run by the Rescue Camden Group http://www.rescuecamden.ie/aboutus.php.

All groups and all periods are welcome to attend this event. there is grass space to set up period tents and displays while in non public areas you can pitch modern tents etc.

There is space for a limited amount of traders so please contact us to book a space.

If groups could please contact us with any questions, suggestions ideas and bookings we will do our best to fit all your needs.

Crosshaven are also hosting Cork Week 2012 on the same weekend, so there will be plenty of music food and sailing on as well.

Note: Passes needed after 5pm each day to enter Crosshaven during Cork Week so make sure you get in before then

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WW2 vintage, agri, and military expo in Listowel May 6th. All are welcome and if you have any vintage machinery please bring it along.

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Good man Mr D, My lot will be there to support ye, all two of us. See you in the Curragh first.

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The Far Side of the World by James Durney

On June 25 1950 the North Korean People’s Army launched a surprise attack across the border between communist North Korea and the Republic of South Korea. Within days American ground troops were committed to Korea and with them many Irishmen, recent emigrants to the US. Several weeks later more Irishmen arrived as Britain committed a brigade to the UN cause.
Hundreds of Irishmen from the Royal Ulster Rifles and the Irish Hussars arrived in Pusan preparing for the re-unification of Korea by force of arms. This UN mandate was interrupted by the intervention of China and the Korean War dragged on for another three years resulting in millions of casualties. This is the first book to access the involvement of Irish soldiers in the armed forces of America, Britain and Australia or as soldiers of Christ.
This is the story of the Irish in Korea, told in many author interviews, personal narratives, newspaper accounts, and letters. Includes thirty-two photos, map and list of all soldiers and civilians from Ireland killed in the conflict

This book and others by James Durney will be available at a Special Reduced Rate for all who attend this Lecture.

James Durney is an Irish author and local historian based in Naas, Co.Kildare, Ireland. He has written a number of books on both Irish and international history. His latest work “Vietnam: The Irish Experience” covered Irish citizens involvement in that war. James has worked with Irish language national broadcaster, TG4 on the development of their documentary series 'Mobs Mheiriceá'. He was also consultant and chief researcher on 'War Stories' from Irish national broadcaster RTE.

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This Saturday and Sunday features the Dunvcannon Fort Military re-enactment show.

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Just over a week to go now ! Plans coming together nicely. We just need to hope and pray the weather is good to us !!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


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Militaria Fair and display etc this weekend in Gorey from 10 am.

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This weekend there is a military show including re-enactments in Camden Fort, Crosshaven, County Cork.


Victor Mee (Cloverhill, Co.Cavan) has a number of interesting firearms in his sale on Monday 6th August next. Including this 'Quackenback' (?) pistol.

Catalogue here: http://www.cloverhillauctioneers.com/auction_list.php

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If the weather holds I'll be popping over to Salute tomorrow. Missed it last year when the venue changed, but it's back in Swords this year (National Show Centre).


Some nice items of militaria are included in Mealy's (Kilkenny) Collectors' Sale on Tursday 27th September - catalogue here: http://www.mealys.com/rarebooks/documents/Day2_001.pdf


Limerick Auction Rooms have an interesting sale of militaria on Wednesday 10th October - full details here: https://www.easyliveauction.com/auction_catalogue.cfm?d&auction=17824BFCCD4943D7FC0E

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