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Eye on the prize.

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CathyMoran said:
Duiske how old is she - she is gorgeous!

She's 3yrs old Cathy. Brilliant talker and picks things up really quick.

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A rare moment of peace with Rainbow and Keef

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so sheldon's going to the vet for his snip-snip tomorrow and has been fasting since 6 this evening. his sad little meow and his looking wistfully where his food bowl usually is would break yer heart...

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"cup of tea and two biscuits will do fine"

"No food after 9 ? Whachu talkin' bout Willis ?"

Crouching Dog Hidden Scottie !

"what's my motha f'ing name ? Snoop doggy dogg !"

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My two hoodlums, a boxer/rottweiler cross and a bichon! Doing their best to play football!

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New friend!


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Limerick man said:
Eye on the prize.

thats a fantastic pic limerick man, what is it? more pics please

SillyMangoX Registered User

My Uncle is dog sitting his pup's mother at the moment, they get on so well and look so cute together

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source Registered User

Some more of Charlie, over a year old now, the year flew by.

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First time posting here, I love all the pictures of your pets

My family's 2 dogs Buzz (the collie, nearly 10 years old) and Misty (around 5 years old). I miss them so much as I'm living in Japan for the year teaching English! These are pictures I took of them at Christmas 2 months before I left!

Let's open presents!!

Playing with his new toy!

Any more presents for me???

Didn't mean to post so many of Buzz, he's just so photogenic

Here's Misty. She's had a very tough year being sick - immune mediated poly arthritis. We didn't know what was wrong for months until we got a referral to the UCD Vet Hospital (they are amazing btw). She lost a lot of the beautiful shine her coat used to have and the brightness in her eyes, but she's on the mend thankfully


Here's a pic of them both together. Shows their different personalities, Misty's always very alert, watching everything. (She was mistreated before we got her, so she's always on the look out for food as she wasn't fed properly). Whereas Buzz (who we rescued from a lovely shelter as a pup) is perfectly happy to get lost in whatever game he has found at the time!


Can't wait to see them again!

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CrowdedHouse said:
Haven't had one of these for a while

Nice pics Billy/Tabitha

The Girls: Hayley & Lucy - Lhasa Apsos

Really, looking so adorable. I like it.

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Creamy lying in my shade. He's not too happy about having to put on suncream so I decided to keep him company outside to cheer him up.

The last thing a mouse will ever see.

Having a chin scritch

Yes, I know I'm fabulous

Idi making new friends

Kero took like a fish to the water today, she normally doesn't swim properly but today she was going great!

Idi:''Get her away..'' Kero: '' oh mammy please play with me!!!''

Oh yeah, that's the spot

Kero is a demon!

Some mother and daughter bonding!

Must get rid of clean feeling...

I think red is definitely her colour!

We love water!!

And himself loving a branch

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callmekenneth said:
thats a fantastic pic limerick man, what is it? more pics please

More here,

Bubba, a recently one year old British Bulldog

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