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For a sit down Coney Island I had Domino's yesterday for my hangover it was a bit too on the greasy side. I do like Four Star, there my fav at the moment.

Still haven't tried Apache, will try it tho after hearing all the good things hee about it, plus, have a load of vouchers for there aswell

Let us know what Apache is like

Sully Moderator

Tried Apache tonight.. nothing special. Nice food, similar style pizzas to Dominos. Only thing to point out that there plain cheese pizza has tomatoes chopped over it. Its not the usual cheese and tomatoe base

Overall, it was a good service - cheap, great deals (buy 1 pizza, get 1 free), nice enough food. Doesnt compete with Ginos..

AdMMM Registered User

I too am curious about Apache.

I think Ginos went seriously down hill because of one simple thing - the transition from wooden base trays to metal base trays. Because the metal base trays are cold when the pizzas are put on them, it leads to a soggy pizza which really doesn't taste nice. If only they put the metal trays into the oven for a few seconds to heat them up but it seems as if the staff can't be bothered to do anything like that (even though I've spoken to them on many an occassion).

Dominos are my favourite for speciality pizzas - I just love their Meat-rich pizzas and would always get one if we're ordering in a group - whereas I like Coney Island for their cheap meal deal for one which fills the gap nicely!

I've had nothing but bad experiences with Four Star. Terribly inconsistent deliverys (pizza could be cold and an hour late) and a pizza crust that's nothing to write home about!

trishw78 Registered User

I've only ever order a pizza delivery once from Domino's once and swore never again. It was cold and the guy deliverying it walked shraight in the front door I had to tell him to stop before he got to the kitchen door. And he smelled rotten, the kinda smell that lingers 2 hours after he was gone

Sully Moderator

Dominos delivery was never great service, I to had bad experience.

I always call in my order and collect it - much better.

c - 13 Registered User

Where are apache set up ? Havent seen the place yet. Might stick my head in over the weekend !

Dominos for me, just for the dominator base.

Used to love 4-Star but felt the quality was going downhill. The pizzas were also getting progressively drier I found.

Coney Island were grand, havent been in there in years though.

Wasnt really impressed with Godfathers at all.

Was in Gino's recently found it to be fine. Though the GF complained they changed the tomato sauce and it wasnt as nice as the older stuff. Didnt notice it personally.

jimmytheman Banned

toss up between Espresso and Ginos -
2 totally different styles = love Espresso s base and weird toppings - had duck last time and thai chicken time before --

well dont Adriano

trishw78 Registered User

What's the story with Pizza Hut when is it opening

Sully Moderator

Apache is located where the old Abrekedbra store is - directly acorss from Coney Island.

ec18 Registered User

pizza hut?

trishw78 Registered User

pizza hut?

yeah it's supposed to be opening in the new place (don't know what it's called) where Storm cinemas is. that was the rumour anyway

AdMMM Registered User

Half of the countries retail giants are supposed to be opening in there . The only place thusfar to apply for planning permission has been Musgraves who plan on opening a SuperValu in there. Why they didn't try and have PP granted prior to the opening of the complex is beyond me as now they've ensured the loss of potential customers (i.e residents above) who do their shopping in Tesco.

ChapOfDRyans Registered User

cllr mc cann objected to the pp of pizza hut for some unknown reason but he objects to everything in this city. What about del pappas on patrick street never tried it but i heard it to be really good

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jimmytheman said:
toss up between Espresso and Ginos -
2 totally different styles = love Espresso s base and weird toppings - had duck last time and thai chicken time before --

well dont Adriano

Yeah, as Murderer said- Gino's main downfall is their soggy pizzas due to metal trays. And cheaper, less tasty base.

My new haunt is Espresso. Pizzas are gorgeous. Really aromatic & tomato base tastes freshly prepared..


Just browsing through old threads and wondering has the takeaway pizza market suffered from the recession, would imagine its decimated as €30 on a few pizzas would be the first cut anyone would make, and half the customers are probably ordering it in Sydney?
Who is the best nowadays?

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