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I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the best way(ie cheapest) of getting from enfield to the City centre. I am working down the end of harcourt street and its a right pain in the ar$e walkin up to the quays everyday after work.

I know there are loads of private buses. I get one at the mo but it is costing me 14 quid a day and i just cant afford it., im fresh outa college.

Any one travel through enfield on their travels every morning??

Any advice is appreciated.

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neil_hosey said:
I get one at the mo but it is costing me 14 quid a day
That would cover rent.

You can get a monthly rail ticket for Enfield - Connolly for €154 or €158.80 with Bus Éireann and I'm sure there there are other offers available.

Bus Éireann Route 115 will even drop you to St. Stephen's Green.

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I have to say that you're being ripped off if you are paying EUR 14 per day, as the following options show:

Bus Eireann day return - EUR 8.10 online

Weekly fare options include:

Bus Éireann 10-journey ticket - EUR 35.80 online - Valid 7 consecutive days

Long hop weekly commuter ticket - EUR 63, which covers unlimited travel on Bus Éireann, Iarnród Éireann and Dublin Bus with Enfield as the outer limit.

While buses will drop you to St. Stephen's Green in the morning, you will still have to make your way to the quays in the evening.

The train from Enfield will drop you to Pearse, from where you can take a 44/44c or 48A bus to the top of Harcourt Street. Unfortunately at least two of the evening services start at Connolly.

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€14 a day?? Who are you paying that with? As previous posters have said, train and bus much cheaper than that. Don't think you will get a bus that goes from Harcourt St in the evenings though

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Thanks for the advice and sorry about delay

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Probably a bit late to this, but the yearly tax saver train ticket to Pearse is just over €1600 which works out at around €34 a week, before tax relief.

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