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hi, does anyone know about the curves fitness for ladies? i was wondering how much it costs to join and if its any good?

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I was a curves member in Drogheda (before they moved premises) and found it great. I don't think you'll get fit enough to run a marathon (unless you were fairly fit beforehand...I wasn't!) but it's amazing how quickly you'll see results if you put the work in - and a 30-minute workout, 3 times per week is no hardship!

I think all the curves charge the same price - there's a membership fee of approx 200 euro, but there always seems to be a half-price offer, or 2 join for price of 1, so you are likely to only have to pay 100 euro.

After that, you pay 35 euro per month (unless it's gone up since 2006). You can't pay for 12 months up front, it's by direct debit only and you must join for a minimum of 12 months. If you leave before then, you must continue paying till the 12 months are up.

Once the 12 months have passed, you must give 30 days notice in writing if you want to leave.

Opening hours can vary from club to club, but they all tend to close around the 8pm/8.30pm mark, may close in the middle of the day (Drogheda closed between 2.30 and 4pm), generally open mornings only on Saturdays and don't open on Sundays.

If you like the idea of doing some exercise, but aren't a "gym bunny" - i.e. prepared to spend hours at the gym, it's a good way of getting in shape.

Hope this helps, Good luck!

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