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You can only use methods available to Thread if you go
Thread t1 = new Search();


Hi Giblet

Thanks for the reply. I do have these lines in my code though -

Thread t1 = new Search(largeArray,0,split-1);
Thread t2 = new Search(largeArray,split,x-1);

...followed by...

if (t1.getResult()>t2.getResult())

...which in theory should use...

public int getResult() {
return biggest;

Am I not able to do this?


hussey Registered User

No ...

You are using the Thread class
Thread doesn't have a getResult method ... search does

try Search t1 = new Search(largeArray,0,split-1);

by Using Thread t1 .. you can only use method available to Thread as it isn't aware of subclass methods

Search is still a 'Thread' though

You should only use
Thread t1 = new Search( .. if you don't care about the underlying methods
if you were only ever going to call run()


Ah yes, yes, that worked perfectly.

Thank you for taking the time to figure out what the problem is.

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