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Hows things?

Just wondering if the 2001 Skoda Fabia 1.4 mpi has the same engine fitted to early mkIV (98-01) VW Golfs. Does anyone know? The original golf engine wasnt the best but heard they inproved it after a couple of years...(?)

Any opinions on the car itself? Seems to get good reviews everywhere. Would people go for the 1.2 over the 1.4?

Opinions please!!!


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AFAIK the MPI is an old pushrod 8 valve. the Golf is 16 valve, I think this is a development of an old Skoda engine

I think the MPI on the Octavia is the same as on the Golf though. which means it's not related to the VW engine, but it is rubbish nonetheless. (by rubbish I mean underpowered, heavy on fuel and noisy)

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I knew it was 8-valve, but didn't know it was a 1960's Endura-esque pushrod

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I didnt know they sold the 8v 1.4 in Ireland. Is that the same as what was in the 1.4 94-99 polo? 60bhp? Had the old polo myself. Was a reliable motor...

Thanks for the replies...

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I nearly bought one in 2000, I think the brochure said there were 3 1.4 engines available. 1 was a Skoda engine. Long time ago, but I think that's what it said.
The salesman said they had originally planned to use a 1.0 in it.

VW used a 1.0 Skoda derived engine in the Lupo AFAIK

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Word is that the 1.4 8v is definitely to be avoided.


I drive a 1.4 16v '01 Fabia to prove they exist if that helps.

They released a 8v version early on as well

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would I be right in thinking there was a 75bhp and 100bhp VW option, and also a 60bhp 8 valve?

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Yeh, checked the car out today and its an 8valve. Not recommended you say? Can you give me more info? Car seems good value and is in great nic...

Thanks again for the replies...

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You take a risk any time you buy a car I suppose. I've heard a few stories of early Fabias giving head gasket trouble (think it was the Skoda engine, can't be 100%), haven't heard of any specific problems apart from that,

The engine is way underpowered at 60bhp, to put that into perspective, a Corolla 1.4 from the same era was 85bhp, or to put it another way 60% more bhp. A 1.0 Yaris is 68bhp.
0-60 will take you around 15 seconds, which is slow by anyone's standards.
If you're paying for 1.4 tax and insurance, you should be getting something back. "Good fuel economy!" I hear you reason, the 1.4 8v is actually 25% heavier on fuel than the 1.2 HTP that replaced it.
This engine is seriously outdated, it is an updated version of what they used to put in the Estelle, and more recently in the Favorit and Felicia. It's what's called a "pushrod" or "overhead valve" engine, which in 2000 was unheard of on most European cars (I think Fiat and Ford were the only ones still really using them).
Horses for courses though, If you just want basic A to B, this will do fine (think the Skoda engine was only available on the calcutta-spec Classic model too), but there are probably better options out there.

How much is this car going for and how many miles are on it?

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Extracts from Honest John's review:

Engines include an aluminium pushrod 68 bhp 1.4 litre petrol based on the old Favorit/Felicia 1.3; a 101 bhp 16v 1.4 from the Polo/Lupo and the 64 bhp 1.9 litre SDI diesel. New 100bhp TDI PD engine with 177lb ft torque arrived in November 2000 priced from £11,300 to £12,000 according to trim. Later got VAG's new 1.2 litre 3 cylinder chain cam 65 bhp petrol engine and VAG's 75 bhp 1.4 litre 16v.

1.4 8-valve slow and thirsty at just 30.28 mpg.

Make sure the 1.4 8v is not losing coolant and has not overheated through loss of coolant in the past, possibly due to friction on the bottom hose as a result of soft engine mountings.

Head gasket failures and misaligned auxiliary drive belt on 1.4 8v. Further complaints about 1.4 8v include mechanical unreliability, fuses blowing in immobiliser circuit due to a fuel pump fault, engine coolant loss due to bottom hose seal failing and, in around 5% of cars, coolant loss through head gasket due to insufficiently torqued stretch bolts.

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