faceman Category Moderator

By mistake today i forgot to lock my phone and i rang the first name in my phonebook by mistake. Got me thinking, this kind of thing must happen to yer man all the time.

Does your first name begin with 'A' and you receive calls/texts like this? Ever hear any decent conversations or ahem, sounds???

onechewy Registered User

The first entry in my phone book is AAAAAA, so as to stop me from ringing the first real person in my phonebook... (they're more of an acquaintance than a mate so randomn phone calls wouldn't be cool)

Black Swan Category Moderator

No, my first name does not begin with "A"

aoife000 Registered User

get it all the time! Quite annoying. I actually ask people to put A in their phone book with the number 0 now. The worst is when it's in the middle of the night. grrr

Exit Registered User

Yeah, I once accidentally called an Andy. Bit embarrassing because he was more an acquaintance than a mate (like the other poster said) Since then I make sure to always lock my phone and have an 'A' in my phone with phone number as 123.

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