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I bought a western digital My Book external harddrive a year ago. A few weeks ago I plugged it into my laptop and it's not being recognised. Tried it in a couple of other peoples laptops today and it's not working there either. In the past it always popped up on any computer without having to install any software.

The powerlight is turning on when I plug it in. You can hear it whirring away. But the computer isn't seeing it.

Model number is WD25001032.

I don't really see any drivers on their website. Just diagnostics tools and such which don't do anything that I can figure out.

Any assistance in this matter would be great. My friends got a party tomorrow and I was going to bring all my music with me.


Maybe a dodgy USB cable? Might be worth trying to pick up another if you can find the right one somewhere nearby.

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Wait a sec. Sorry I forgot to mention this. It broke 3 or 4 weeks ago so I kind of forgot the circumstances.

The HD was plugged into the wall and I moved a table sort of half pulling the plug out. I got one of those "power surge, deactivating USB slot" or something to that effect messages. My USB mouse is recognised fine from any of my USB slots so they definately aren't turned off. Plus, as I said, it doesn't work on anybody elses laptop either.


Sounds like the USB bridge circuitry in the unit is fried. I would suggest that you have two options: 1) open the case, remove the drive and plug it into a PC to see if it's ok and if so recover your data or 2) ditch the data and attempt to return it under warranty as it's stopped working.

Given low drive prices I'd go for option (1) and try to get my data. If that worked I'd also have a leftover 250Gb drive.

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