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Anybody have one of these? or use one?


Super Squats Hip Belt by Ironmind

What’s the difference between a true gym rat and a wannabe sissy boy? Easy. True gym rats squat. They do back squats and front squats and one-and-a-quarter squats and anything else they can think up. They know there’s something about a good free weight squat session that will push your physique and athletic performance to a whole new level. Based on this, I was more than a little skeptical when I first heard about the Hip Belt by Ironmind. I thought, hey, I don’t need a contraption to squat, just give me a bar, a rack, and turn up the new Staind CD! But given the fact that Ironmind only produces the most hardcore devices and tough-as-nails training equipment on the market, I figured I’d give it a shot.

The Hip Belt looks like a fat, padded up squat belt that ties in the front. On each end there’s a carabiner and a "daisy chain", which is not what you think it is, you pervert. You attach these to a barbell so that the bar is in between your legs. (This looks like an old school "Jefferson lift", only your hands will be free instead of hanging onto the bar.) The idea here is to do squats while you’re strapped in. Basically, the quads will have to do the majority of the work since the back is taken out of the equation almost entirely.

After some trial and error, we figured out that an EZ-curl bar works best with the Hip Belt. A straight bar will work, but it’s harder to get the straps in the right place to balance the bar. After I was strapped in I noticed the major drawback of this device: You look like you’re wearing the world’s most wicked sex toy. This is the most profound phallic symbol I’ve ever seen! This isn’t really a problem of course, but I have to admit I felt funny standing there with this big iron erection strapped betwixt my legs.

After a couple of sets, we discovered several things: 1) It’s much easier to breathe using the belt as compared to back squats. The position was comfortable and the back was never stressed. 2) Despite the comfort, this thing was a quad killer! The front of our thighs were on fire, especially right above the knee. It felt a little like a front squat in that it really targeted the quads. The glutes and hams get some work, but man, the quads take most of the punishment, especially if you elevate your heals as the instruction book suggests. 3) It doesn’t take as much weight as you think. Although the belt is built to handle up to 3,500 pounds (yes, really), you won’t use near as much weight as you normally would with a back squat. Even if you can lift some big weights, it’s better to use smaller plate to increase the range of motion.

An advantage of the Hip Belt is that you can train to failure if you want, something that’s tough to do in a regular squat. If you fail, you just kneel down and unhook yourself. With your hands free you can even push off the floor or place you hand on your quads to force out another rep.

This is a great device for those who train at home or without a regular partner. It will also act as a dipping belt in a pinch and it’s possible to do calf work with it (although I tried it and didn’t really like the movement.) Ironmind has recently beefed up the padding and the price, but this is a quality piece of equipment so that’s cool with me.

Will this replace regular squats for me? No, but I am going to cycle Hip Belt squats into my regular leg training. I may even take a month off back squats and do nothing but Hip Belt squats, just for a change of pace.

Rating: 9 — CS


I was looking to get a dipping belt for pullups, chins & dips. I have no squat rack and workout at home so this might suit me for squats. I will have a go making a simple one with light weights, just to see if there is anything obviously wrong.

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just to see if there is anything obviously wrong.

Well there is...
You cannot go low as the plates will be touching the ground. If you squat to your lowest point you could measure crotch to ground, this will show the max radius of the plate that can fit. Unless you stood on boxes.

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I ordered the De Rigueur Dipping Belt- gets good reviews on all sites. With the weak dollar it was a little over €50 including post.

I will have to get some boxes and use it like this- which looks like it would suit me fine. Will let you know how I get on.

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Looks like alot of hassle, would you not use something like a hex trap bar strapper to it?

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Mickk said:
Looks like alot of hassle, would you not use something like a hex trap bar strapper to it?

Not sure what you mean? one of these?

Anyways I got the belt yesterday- less than a week from the US, not bad. The belt is very good. I put 40kg on and was able to do full squats below parallel with no need for a stand. I also managed 60kg- 6x10kg plates. Any more than this and it gets too wide, i.e. legs go too far apart to make room, and I think my 20kg plates would touch the floor at this point. But I reckon I could get 80kg on and squat fully with only small stands- maybe just concrete blocks or something.

I also had the belt up on my upper back/shoulders, it is very comfortable and I was able to support the 60kg with my hands and do squats like that, sort of like front squats I suppose.

I can only press 65kg onto my back for regular squats (no rack), but 40kg sits easy on the belt, hardly notice it, so I reckon I could put 40kg on the belt and easily get 40kg+ over and onto my back and do squats like that, as my military press improves I will be able to get more up and on the back.

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rubadub said:
I ordered the De Rigueur Dipping Belt- gets good reviews on all sites. With the weak dollar it was a little over €50 including post.


Was the guy's form on that vid really bad? He was pushing through his toes and not heels and his head was dropping the whole time. Just trying to learn a correct squat technique myself so I try to watch the technique on the vids posted here.

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I certainly wouldn't squat like that with a bar on my back..

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I wouldn't squat like that doing Air Squats

Hanley Banned

I wouldn't squat like that onto the toilet

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Squats worked out great. Had 40kg on the belt and 47kg easily up and on my back. It is nice to have the weight distributed like that and I presume easier on the back- or is there any danger or other reasons not to do this?

I found it quite easy even though it was a relatively big jump from 65 to 87kg. On one page I read a guy using a dipping belt dropped a lot from his usual back squat- maybe it is just he was unused to it.

When pressing the bar over and onto my back the 40kg dip belt was hardly noticeable- in fact it was stabilising. I was able to adjust the belt strap so that the weights touched the ground just as I was below parallel- so a handy way to know you have gone as low as you want.

Also did some heavy negative dips with the belt on gymnastic rings and my chest is in bits with DOMS for the first time ever.

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How is this belt working out for you? I want to get something for weighted chins and pull ups at home. The bar that I'm using is just the c€12 one from Argos, and I'd like to add some weight to make things a little harder.

Still recommend this one?

Anyone know of any Irish walk-in stores that I could get something similar?


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If I'm doing weighted chins/dips, I use a martial arts belt, and feed it through the holes in the grip plates. These belts cost about a fiver, and I've put 35Kg on them without strain so far. Might be worth a looksee.

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Hanley said:
I wouldn't squat like that onto the toilet

i cant make dept on my toilet....

we got one of those belts in was used once....and once only...

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Thanks Colm,

Sounds good, if it works and only costs a fiver, I'm all over it. Where can I get one- just googled 'martial arts belt' and it came with history of the black belt, reasons for colours etc. Checked Argos too, but nothng there...


elverys if you habve one near by usually stock them...

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