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Has anyone out there built their own wood pellet silo or bin? I have priced some of the silos on the market and they seem very expensive. I only require one for manual feed I have a wood pellet stove with a back boiler. I would be greatful if anyone could advise me on how to build my own.

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I assume you know that they have to be damp proof, so a membrane will have to be installed to provide such.
After that, start your planning by assessing what your requirement is for pellets. Remember that some suppliers won't deliver in less than 2 tonne weight, and they also 'blow' the pellets into the storage. So, working off the 2 tonne weight and calculating the volume for that, start looking at a frame for the structure, decide on an interior membrane and then exterior parts... etc...

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Looking at wood pellet boilers myself and rang a few people this week. Got incontact with & was talking to a guy called Gus about their geo tank which he didn't recoment but said about building your own storage tank. While I was looking for info on the boiler they supply the "Visioncomfort CKA" I came accross the above web site which show what Gus was talking about sectioning off a 2m x 2m section of your garrage and just have a door leading into it with a tilting base in it. He was very helpful.

also came accross this looks interesting but no cost on the website.

Q What boiler have you chosen & why?

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I have plans for these on my pc. I can forward them onto you.

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Thanks for help everyone.
I got a price for that injection moulded silo of nearly E3000 which I thought was outrageous and I have also priced the biobin which was also excessive.
I have a pallezetti freddy idro stove which I have been using since last September. I went with this model as it is extremely user friendly when it comes to setting the timer and also is easy to load and clean.
Snyper, I will PM you my email address and would be greatful if you could forward me those plans.

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This might be of use if you already have a garage that you can take a corner off..if you're building from scratch then it'll probably cost more than any of the silos but at least you have a garage/workshop as well.

I was building a garage anyway to built a structure like this into one corner.

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Ref the silo...don't bother buying one, too costly and ugly outside the house. I purpose built an outdoor block shed to house the boiler and built a silo beside it.

I built an area of 12'w x 3'd x 5'h which holds 3 tonne easily enough, dont forget that you should build it to house around and extra half tonne as you will allways be topping up on your last load, and will usuall have some pellets left in the silo.

Insulation is the key. I lined the block wall with d.p.c plastic, then half inch aeroboard topped off by half inch ply (marine). Make sure you really overdo the construction when using timber, you can never brace the whole thing enough. When i got my first delivery i was standing back about ten ft as i imagined my lovely new silo spilling pellets everywhere!! thankfully did not happen, but make sure you secure and brace, three tonne of pellets is a big strain!!!

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We've just built our mass storage area i've read somewhere that the inlet needs to be grounded, is this true and what's the easiest way to achieve this ?

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