Mrs. MacGyver Registered User

Does any one know where the O'Neills Factory Shop is and is it easy to get to? I'm staying up for the weekend and decided to head down to get a few comfy pieces for winter! I think it's in Clondalkin somewhere so any help would be appreciated.

Misticles Registered User

its on the long mile road. get the 151 from town and it will leave ya beside it.

Mrs. MacGyver Registered User

Thanks Misti. Happy shopping days ahead

Crania Registered User

Is there actually good bargains to be got in the O'Neills Factory Shop? You know, seconds with minor faults that can't be sent to the shops or whatever.

Mrs. MacGyver Registered User

Apparantly there are. My old flat mates in college (4 yrs ago) used to head down and being poor students they got a few bargains. Always meant to head down but never stay up in Dub at weekends to do so

Ado86 Registered User

Its on the long mile road behind a wallpaper shop. There arent really that many bargains to be honest, I havent been there in a while but I doubt its changed all that much.

Tingo Registered User

It would be cheaper to buy the stuff in there compared to a sport's shop but that's really as far as bargins go. There's usually a few things reduced though. Nothing in the plain colours like navy or black. Just red, pink, lilac tracksuit bottoms etc.

Anto1993 Registered User

Is it still cheap? The socks and that. is there a shop over it that does cheap jerseys from last year

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