Wishbone Ash Registered User

Unconfirmed reports that 2 firemen have died in the huge fire in Bray.


Edit: Now confirmed.

Dónal Gravity is a harsh mistress

Very sad.

keen Registered User

Jaysus that's terrible, especially when you consider it was only a disused factory that was alight, poor chaps.

cormie Registered User

Wonder how this was started? Be a tough lesson learned for anyone who thought it would be a laugh to set ablaze an unused factory anyway.

Dave! Moderator


Their families have my condolences, and they should be proud.

bill_ashmount Registered User


Have a lot of respect for firefighters, they do a very tough job.

Banahan Banned

Very sad

gyppo Registered User

Tragic. RIP.

Agamemnon Registered User

Sad loss. RIP

Duiske Registered User

Easy to forget about what an important and potentially dangerous job they do until something tragic like this happens. R.I.P.


Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a n-anam.


sdanseo Registered User

Very sad news. RIP.

cjt156 Registered User

Terribly sad; have to give credit to the emergency services who routinely put themselves in harms way for our sakes.

Any idea if these guys are volunteers; I know the Bray service used to be.

Vorsprung Registered User


Emergency services getting a rough time of it this week. Reminds us all what brave people they are.

cormie Registered User

Any idea if these guys are volunteers; I know the Bray service used to be.

Pretty sure they are in Bray, not definite though!

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