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I see one of the old unreliable ACT 2SP-2 is up for sale.

The ACT 2SP-1 was bad but as many of you may remember, this one was a disaster. I remember taking one for a test flight (a gift for my 70th birthday) and it damn near killed me. The fact that you needed four technicians around constantly to keep fixing it meant that there was pretty much no room inside it.

Still, wasn't ACT's next generation version released in the late 2080s a vastly improved version?


No it wasn't.

Do you remember the SP-5's ?
The ones that were so bad they couldn't give away. Well turns out some marketing genius reckoned they could fob them off as SP-3's by sending them back in time to a time when their defects weren't know.

Would have been a complete disaster except one of the engineers "accidentally" sent them back 1,500 years into a chamber in the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Fun and games once the historical societies got involved. By the time they got the legal issues sorted the machines had aged over a thousand years which weeded out the worst of them.

r3nu4l Administrator

I kinda liked the original, if you were handy with an ion plasma rivet gun (remember those, retro baby, retro!!) you could add the fluxing module from the SP77 Mark 4 that would be built 70 years later! That really stabilised things. Although getting to 70 years in the future in the first instance was always going to be a risk, it was worth it just for the fluxing module. Cheap too at only 5 million Northern BitDollars, although I later heard that if you took a parallel temporal trail you could even pick them up for 2 million of the short lived Eurolian bits!!


Eurolian bits!! LOL

The day I queued up for to get an N21 fusion reactor core reflector and tried to pay in bitcoins , had my dates mixed up and it was six months after the Hasberg-Ko algorithm had made predicting them so easy they were worthless. Luckily enough I had a couple of thousand Eurolian bits on me, worth a fortune , collectors items at that stage since the rest had oxidised to dust.

2 stroke Registered User

That machine is well before its best after date, my advice stay away from it, you could end up beside the future, or worse still, under the past.


I remember when people were into the microwaving too.


joes girls said:
Next time you go on your merry little way to the future, can you please bring me back one of the sit-in vacuum cleaners that will be on the market in the year 4297, thanks!!!

Any joy?


This is why they finally banned the ACT 2SP-7
from then on you could only own one under a Grandfather clause



Oman Registered User

Dear Oman of the future, I've decided to come to this time to remind you that you were once loved in the Cuckoo's nest. I guessed that you haven't visited the Cuckoo's nest much recently and that is why I emplore you (1750 dielect) to visit more often, you must remember that you were once these sad lonely people's god, the adored you and worshiped you so you must return to lead them, the future depends on it somehow





EZ24GET Registered User

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