I just got my first ever packet of organic chicken, and it doesn't smell nice at all. It smells really pungent, nothing like the antibiotic fed chicken i usually eat. Is organic chicken meant to smell so strong, or is it off?

The Hill Billy Prick, with a fork

Fresh meat of any description shouldn't smell.
Game is the only meat that should smell & that's not fresh.
I'd err on the side of caution - particularly where poultry is concerned - & return it.

cookiequeen Registered User

defo, haul that chicken ass back!!

The Sweeper Patience, grasshoppa

If your chicken is off you'll know all about it. They stink. Also look for unpleasant tinges of grey. /me shudders.

I've had this happen to me with an organic chicken and it's nothing to do with the organic end of things. It's the bloody price - they're more expensive so they don't move off the shelves as quickly as the cheap crap. Next time you're buying one, go for the furthest-away best before date you can find.

Trust me, when they're fresh as you can get 'em, organic free range wins hands down over battery reared.

Supercell Happy :)

Depends on your sense of smell.
All raw chicken stinks to high heaven (to me..my sense of smell is pretty strong) . That said some chicken smells stronger than others and some smell different - not stronger or weaker - different.
If that different smells a little bit like your bin..then throw it out, otherwise just cook it properly and you'll be fine.

Minder Registered User

I have found that organic chicken can be a bit gamey in flavour - but there is a difference between a gamey smell and meat that has turned. I stopped buying organic chickens if I was not cooking the bird on the same night as purchase. I complained to my local supermarket that their organic birds were too long in shelf life - they sent me £30 in vouchers to shut me up. Thanks Waitrose !! After that, if I had any doubts, the bird went back and was always replaced without fuss.

I found the same thing was happening with prepacked organic bacon. The shelf life ran to weeks - but the meat turned long before the date expired.

If in doubt take it back !!!

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