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Kold Registered User

PeakOutput said:
its so wrong its not even funny and thats not even counting the fact im pretty sure its illegal

How so?

<-Ste-> Registered User

My first post!
If shes nice enough, shes old enough

bluewolf Category Moderator

Kold said:
How so?

the legal age is 17

WoollyRedHat Registered User

I'd have to agree with Dudess. Let me put it to you this way, as far as the whole legal thing goes. Smoking at the age of 18 is legal, in the eyes of the state once you reach that age it's acceptable, that is in legal terms at least, your friends etc. might not agree.Now as for sex, just because it's legal doesn't make it right, legality doesn't justify everything.

On some occasions 16 year olds will try make themselves look older and often are succesful, in which case, they themselves have made a decision and if they regret it afterwards, well it's their own fault.

The age gap between 33 and 16 or whatever it was is a big one, both people are at different stages, that's why I see it as being wrong.

chopperbyrne Registered User

The age of consent laws in this country are not quite as straightforward as many think.

Seventeen year olds can only have sex with other seventeen year olds legally.

If either party is eighteen or over then both parties must be eighteen or over as otherwise it's sex with a minor.

bluewolf Category Moderator

Now as for sex, just because it's legal doesn't make it right, legality doesn't justify everything.

Did the law change recently or what? 16 is not legal, whatever about right

Piste Registered User

Dudess said:
Lately I've seen a 16-year-old girl giving a 27-year-old woman fellatio advice on another forum. That is f*cked up.

Yeah that is f*cked up, you'd think a 27 year old would know already!

WoollyRedHat Registered User

bluewolf said:
Did the law change recently or what? 16 is not legal, whatever about right

For the U.K I'm talking about though

I was unaware however that 17 doesn't cover all areas.


Yeah that is f*cked up, you'd think a 27 year old would know already!

It is fukked up though.
Irishpimpdude said:
I know a guy thats 33 having sex with a 17 year old, or so he says... but he has showed me some txt messages... and she defiantly knows what shes doing haha if shes really 17

Nice guy.
Anto McC said:
If the 16 year old had been a bloke and the 22 year old had been a women, no one would have had a problem with it.

I disagree. They would of course. In fact, a 22-year-old guy being with a 16-year-old girl would be considered far more "normal" than the scenario you've described. At least 16-year-old girls have the werewithal to make themselves look older.
Meh, if the girl is really mature for her age or looks older and she's sure she wants to be with the 22-year-old and he isn't aware she's that young, fair enough.
If he knows what age she is but still finds himself falling for her and she's feeling the same way about him, then they can't help how they feel and good luck to them.
If he knows what age she is and he's happy to use a bit of young pussy to shag and boast about to his mates afterwards he's a prick.
If she's really young and underdeveloped looking/childlike and he still shags her he's a weirdo.
Grimes said:
Anyway OP, your Kid will prob have sex, like most irish teenagers around 15 or 16 for the first time.

As is life

I don't know if most 15/16-year-olds do though. They might just say they do. I'd say most people lose their virginity at 17/18. There's talk of shagging at school, but actual shagging in college. And it's different for girls physically. Guys just stick it in, girls need to be aroused in order to be physically prepared for penetration. In that sense I suppose having sex with a 22-year-old guy, who might be quite experienced, is far better than with a fellow clueless 16-year-old.
Some of my friends at school were 16 when they lost their virginity and they really didn't want to, they just felt pressured into doing it. And it hurt like hell the first time too. I'm sure plenty of lads also feel pressure to do it but don't want to. So I wonder whether this idea that all teens are "mad for it" is actually a misconception. Maybe a few are, but plenty are just following suit in order to fit in.
People develop sexually at different rates. It's not unusual for a person to not feel ready for sex until their 20s. As I said, I was 18 but definitely would have lost it later if I hadn't felt under so much pressure. It was just something to get over with then, but into my 20s it actually became fantastic. Sure, several generations ago it was acceptable for very young kids to have sex but it was ingrained in their culture, they didn't have a choice. It was also acceptable for very young girls to have babies. Being physically ready for something is not the same as being emotionally ready. I personally think sex is called an adult activity for a reason. At the same time though, I do think there should be less of a deal made about sex once a person reaches 18.

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"The best part of this job is all the barely legal pussy that comes in here. And they all look up to me 'cause I have a driver's license. It's awesome. "

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