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Awe no... I hoped it might turn us off food too ...I'll still try it I think!

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Hey.. I started champix a couple of months ago, however between one thing and another I stopped after 7 days.. I'm thinking of trying to start again soon, could I start from the 8th day or do I need a new packet?

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I'm 5 weeks in, still want to smoke sometimes, but haven't had one in nearly 4 weeks, feeling positive, like a switch has finally flicked that says I can really & truly quit forever (part of me never believed that before, a secret voice used to point out when I tried to quit that as I was bound to fail, I might as well save myself the misery and fail quickly)
Plenty of side effects though:
Nausea, sometimes even if I take with food,
Lots of tossing and turning at night, then mad dreams, (i don't really mind those though)
My tummy has been bloated a lot (I'm pretty slim but sometimes look 5mts pregnant)
Bad taste in my mouth
Serious thirst (but my skin is loving the extra water )
I realise from reading posts here that I was actually having mood swings but didn't notice it myself, I thought the kids were just driving me more nuts than usual, that has passed though (I think!)

Despite all of that, I'll take champix as long as I need to, for the first time in 20 years I am actually smoke free, and can see myself never again huddling outside in wind & rain like an addict puffing on a very expensive cancer delivery device
I have more energy, can walk further, run (a little) and don't wake up with one hand reaching for a lighter
My 4yr old has noticed I've stopped fobbing him off with a distraction so I can slip out for a fag
Every time I open my purse I'm surprised to find extra cash in it (must really start putting that away!)

Loving it

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I took a lot of encouragement and positivity from reading so many success stories posted here so felt i should write about my experience to date on champix.

I'm 46 years old and have smoked roughly 20 cigs a day since i was 15, never once have i tried to give up,or gone a day without,to be honest i enjoyed it too much and fortunately never had a smoking related illness.but 2 children and a new relationship made me realize it was time to try to stop.

Went to the doctor two weeks ago and was prescribed champix,after 2 days i was down to only 4 a day and last Saturday,13 days in, was my 'give up totally' day.Ok so its only 2 days smoke free so far but that's a huge deal to me after so long,i cant believe its been so easy to do and i honestly believe i can kick the habit for good.i have zero willpower and lead a complicated stressful life,these tablets are nothing short of a miracle.

As for side affects i'm having the crazy dreams, sometimes good sometimes bad and i do feel a bit wired but i'll take that any day over being a slave to smoking.

i hope this encourages even one person to try and quit its a life changing decision,i will update my progress in a couple of weeks.

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NATLOR well done, look your only 2 days off them, don't beat yourself up if you smoke an odd one over the next few weeks it's hard to brake the habbit of a lifetime, just stick with the tablets. Don't worry those one or 2 you do light if you do you'll end up throwing away anyway.
I've 29 days left on the champix and hopefully i'm cured, has been a struggle but nothing anything anyone can't handle.

Not sure if your drink, but the day I really gave up was the day I leased expected to, done a daytime session on a Saturday, one of the lads was smoking and every time he went out he gave me a smoke, must have had about 4 or 5 but by 9 in the evening I had to walk out of the smoking room, couldn't smoke any more and just went back in and drank pints until the wee hours without any interest in a smoke. I've been off them since, I tried really hard to stay a smoker but that day convinced me I wasn't anymore.
Pub is now not a problem.

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m'lady Registered User

Can anyone tell me if I can start the champix 7/8 tablets in ( started them couple of months ago but then stopped). If so should I just take one of the two tablets or both??

NATLOR Registered User

Hi M'lady i think thats a question for either your doctor or chemist,going on your previous posts you have struggled with them so maybe wise to start again give yourself the best chance to quit.

NATLOR Registered User

Thanks D.M.good to here another success story hope you keep it up, day 3 for me and all still good!

Beldarin Registered User

I'm not a doctor, but i would say its fine to start again with that pack, maybe take 1/2 tablet twice each day for a week and then take a full twice a day
Set ur last smoking day for sometime near the end of week 2 and go for it

Wow! Well done man, this is a HUGE deal and fair play to ya
I know just how you feel, 20 odd years is a long time to have a habit,
I still can't quite believe its real, I've actually stopped smoking
Anytime I feel like I want a smoke, I realise I don't NEED one, and the craving passes

I'm only taking one tab a day now, and feel confident. Will continue with em for a few more weeks though just to be sure

Edit: Also, all of the side effects have gone now, dreams, nausea, thirst etc, I feel great!

NATLOR Registered User

A big well done to you too Beldarin,like yourself i NEVER thought i could kick the habit so why bother trying!Am nearly a week smoke free and can already see myself never going back, cant get my head around it!

Really good to hear the side affects have worn off for you, i am noticeably more irritable and my nights are totally mental but its a small price to pay specially if they only last a few weeks.


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Finally went to the doctor today, got a prescription and just took my first chanpix tablet after luch, I've been procrastinating over it for ages and just decided yesterday that the time is now to give up the smokes.

I'm a bit nervious about it tbh as I've been smoking over 10 years but i'm looking forward to getting fit again and performing better at sport then now.

I'm not looking forward to the vivid dreams but I'm sure I'll get over it.

Anyway here goes!

dorothyb Registered User

The problem with Champix is that we are all different and react differently to the medication.
I attended an anti smoking group and started the course of Champix
I took the tablets for 3 months. I had various side effects but I really wanted to stop smoking and tried not to dramatize about them.
Vivid dreams,nausea, insomnia, mood swings, awful wind which caused me endless embarrassment. however I finished the course and stopped smoking feeling very pleased with myself and convinced that I would never smoke again.
I felt so confident that when someone offered me a cigarette I accepted .That once was all I needed to start the habit again and within a week I was back to 20 a day.

I tried again with Champix for the second time but without attending the group therapy and again I stopped for 3 months. in that time I put on 8kg in weight my clothes didn't fit. I looked fat and uncared for, not the healthy non smoking person I inspired to be.

I started smoking again on purpose in order to loose weight I lost the weight and was back to 20 a day.

Third time and I have got it right at last.
I bought a 20 tablet (1 mg ) packet of Champix .and I have made my own therapy based on the side effects and experience I had the first and second time.

Day 1 2 3 4 half a pill once a day (just to get me started) still smoking

Day 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 half a pill twice a day (building up the dosage ready for the big stop day) still smoking but not as much

Day 15 my STOP day 1 pill twice a day

Day 16 17 18......... 1 pill twice a day
A this stage the side effects started again, sleepless nights, mood swings, nausea, vivid dreams.... so I decided to radically cut down the dose
I hadn't smoked for 4 days and I didn't feel that I needed to.
Day 19....34 half a pill a day

The one packet has been enough.It has got me through the initial starting period and with this reduced dosage I haven't had any desire to smoke I think that I had so many problems before because the dosage didn't suit me it was far too strong.
I am still smoke free and intend to stay so this time,
I am also watching my weight lots of fruit and vegetables and have cut down on pasta potatoes bread and sugar.
If this will help just one person I will be delighted!

Lt. Palumbo Registered User

Hey all,

I'm sure there's enough of both inspiration and warning in this thread but I'd like to contribute my own if that's alright.

While champix pretty much worked for me, it's been about 2 and a half years since I was on it and aside from some minor periods of return (a month or two here or there) I've been alright and in a weird sort of way it's been easier getting off after those small slips now than it was before the champix, but that's got it's um...kooky-ness too, I'll explain that in a bit.

So, the side effects I had; aside from the nausea, which was bearable enough for me, I had a bit of a psychological disconnect from reality, sometimes in a euphoric way, sometimes in a depressed way, sometimes I would just have the very low level feeling that I was dreaming when in fact I was awake (which is grand if you're in front of the telly, not if you're crossing the road)

So while it worked for me, I never fully recommend it to friends, because I see how it might be dangerous, you always need to keep an eye out for erratic behaviour and maybe have someone else 'spot' you because honestly even though I saw the way it was affecting me, I was kind of disconnected, I didn't care.

Now, as to the mini relapses over the last two years and why they seemed easier to get off. For some weird reason (perhaps the champix changed my brain chemistry for good!) when I stop after a period of smoking again, I don't crave a cigarette, what I do get however is a directionless craving and anxiety, it's like the craving and anxiety of not smoking is still there but it's target in my brain is obscured from my view.

To conclude; It's risky but it worked for me, I would never want to have to do it again, so I really don't want to get hooked again


Hi all,
New here but I'm desperate, so here goes.
Have been smoking now for 15 years ( since 21). My smoking has been building up and I am now smoking 40 a day. My health and energy levels are in the pits. I have no interest in doing anything. i have tried everything to give up, to no avail. So Champix was my last hope. I started on the Champix 26 days ago, the first few days I felt very very very exhausted. Other than that I have had no side effects from Champix. No dreams, no nausea, no bad taste, nothing. Okay, so far so good. My problem is that it is having no affect on my cravings to smoke. I have cut the cigs down to 20, and I have basically cut out the coffee, those two went hand in hand. Now smoking 20 instead of 40. But I can't get below this number. I have started to read Allen Carr, I am finding this a big help. I'm also chewing gum ( not nicotine gum, ordinary gum ), this is a big help also. But I can't get below the 20.
Has any one else experienced this. I'm desperate, any advice greatly appreciated. I need to stop smoking, they will kill me.

billyduk Registered User

All I can say is be careful. This drug is extremely effective as an aid in quitting smoking but should not be taken lightly.

I was on here about 2 months ago looking for the same answers you were. While scouring the internet I came across all sorts of horror stories of suicide, depression and anxiety from many boards in the states. I'm a bit of a sceptic when it comes to Yanks and their stories as they seem to have a taste for the over dramatic. I decided to go ahead and fill out my prescription and give this drug a try. Here's my experience:

- After a couple of days I noticed that I only smoked about half a cig and threw the rest away.
- After about 5 days I was down to 5 a day
- After one week I only smoke about 2 a day
- After 8 or 9 days I began to become irritable.
- After 10-12 days I noticed marked behavioral changes including compulsive and irrational behaviour and increased sensitivity to minor everyday problems. Friends began to notice I was different and behaving irrationally (I'm lucky I have friends who were concerned enough to tell me).
- After 2 weeks I began to feel like I wasn't in control of myself and started to wake up with slight anxiety. At this point I came off the drug because I felt it was having an effect on my mind.
- In my first week off the drug my anxiety and behavioral/personality changes increased 10 fold.
- 1 week off the drug I ended it with a girl I was dating for about a month (who I actually quite liked) over text on a whim and rang 90% of my clients and told them I would be ceasing trading as a result of the economic climate despite the fact that business was booming (what the ****!?!?).
- Spent the following week being really weird and obsessive with the girl I ended it with including essay like text messages. Mild depression ensued.
- Went to my GP who prescribed me Diazapam initially but my anxiety had reached a point that I couldn't function as a human being (Even on diazapam) so I was then prescribed Xanax and anti depressants (I never filled out the anti depressant prescription)
- Began crying for no reason at various stages of the day.
- I began seeing a councillor believing that I was going through a life crisis.
- 3 weeks after coming off the drug my anxiety began to decrease so I stopped taking the benzo's and battled through the mild to medium anxiety and depression with exercise and socialising.
- 5 weeks later and I am back to normal and wake up happy and calm but with a foggy memory of most of April and half of May. When I recall these events its with a certain level of personal detachment. Its like a story someone told me rather than something I experienced. I'm also incredibly embarrassed by my behavior.
- This week the councillor noticed the same marked change in my behavior that my GP did. They both have agreed that the most likely cause of my 5-6 weeks "meltdown" is a neuropsychological reaction caused by Champix (this is their hypothesis) based on the facts presented and the rapid acceleration and deceleration of symptoms without long term treatment. I'm being monitored by my GP at 1 month intervals to

This is what happened after two weeks on the drug.

What happened to me is my own fault. I suffered from Major Depression in my early 20's and knew the risks that came with this drug of a repeat neuropsychological reaction. I went to a different GP and lied to get the prescription. I lost my business and, although not a major issue, a relationship. This is life and we pick ourselves back up and drive on. It has been a blessing in one way becuase it has forced me to defragment my life and put it neatly back together and i now have more focus and drive than before this happened. A lot can happen in 6 weeks!

My advice is that this drug is extremely effective for those it is suited for, but extremely damaging for those that its not. If you have any history of mental illness from depression to anxiety, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. If you have no history then consult your GP about the risks and side effects and make an informed decision on whether this is the right course for you. I made the wrong decision and it was a scary 6 weeks!!! My only saving grace were my friends and the fact that I had experienced mental illness before and was aware of the symptoms enough to stop taking the drug.


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