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Hi Folks,
Can anyone tell me if they know of a Dentist in the Carlow area, that accepts Medical Card Holders?? I have been intouch with HSE, and was told there is a dispute going on between Dentists and who ever, and most of the Dentists have now opted out of the scheme!! I could only find one Dentist in Carlow that accepts Medical Card Holders, I went to him and was not impressed!! I was in the chair for approx 3mins!! then told to leave!! I am willing to pay now, as I have given up looking around Carlow, but I am quite nervous, so would need a caring and gentle dentist!!
Any help greatly appreciated.

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i need the same info only for dublin

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The HSE can provide you with a list of dentists in your area "To learn more about Dental Services in your area, contact your Local Health Office. You can also call the HSE infoline: 1850 24 1850, for more information." however with the dispute at the moment I suggest you contact the dentist on the phone to see if they accept medical cards. Also try the Dublin Dental Hospital however there may be a waiting list.

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