labreagreine Registered User

Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Dublin? Preferably South or Central Dublin but anywhere will do really.

Peteer Registered User

Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Dublin? Preferably South or Central Dublin but anywhere will do really.

Dr C Gallagher
The Dental Practice
38 Fenian Street,
Dublin 2,
01 678 8158
Been some years since I used him but am still happy to recommend.

All the best,

irlirishkev Registered User

I used Smiles for the first time there recently. Couldn't recommend them enough. Very clean, professional, and I didn't feel a thing!

Jay D Registered User

the only problem I have with dentists is that they are a complete and total rip off the prices they charge ya.

I got a quote of €800 in a place on Merrion Sq and up north I got the whole lot done for under 300 like c'mon.

skydancer Registered User

i go to karl cassidy and find him good, also as its a new practice everything is shiny and new :-)

Wishbone Ash Registered User

You might get some more info in the Dental Forum.

jackieod Registered User

Helen Walsh on South Circular rd Think it could be listed as Portobello Dental CLinic.... Absoutley excellent was recommended to me as I have a severe phobia of dentists but Helen so nice and calming I actually have found that 5 years later I dont mind going to see her... Very straight up about procedures & costs etc so you have all the info you need not like some dentists I heard of that do the work then charge you!!!

maryclare Registered User

I have just finished a course of treatment with a great Dentist in a gorgeous new premises called Ranelagh Dental, in Ranelagh Clinic (its opposite Sandford National School, 22 Sandford Road). Her name is Dr Hilary Garvey, over 30 years a dentist and lovely. I needed a lot of basic work done (haven't been to the dentist in ages) and she was very gentle and calmed me down, explained everything in advance including fees which were a lot less than my previous dentist! For example, i needed a bite guard as I grind my teeth-my last dentist quoted me €800 and Dr Garvey charged me €200 for the same thing. I had 4 filling and they cost €80 each. I had an xray and I was charged €30 for it-so the moral is either shop around or go to Ranelagh dental! Their phone number is 4986940. Good luck!

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