dame Registered User

Hi All,

My aunt would like to know where she can buy a Mother-of-the-Bride outfit in Co.Kildare. Does anyone know of any good shops? Or even which town would be the best to shop in for these kind of outfits? Thanks.

CathyMoran Moderator

How about Karen Millen in the Kildare Village outlet shop. I was at a few weddings this year and my mother in law got her outfits in Karen Millen (though it might have been the main shop).

dame Registered User

Thanks Cathy. She hates shopping and especially hates "teenagery" shops and wants to pick something in one day and let that be that. Karen Millen would probably have lovely stuff to suit. I'll bring her there.

triona1 Registered User

There is also vanity fair in newbridge they have some nice stuff.

someothername Registered User

a girl i know just opened a shop in carlow called Fairytale Moments - that might be worth a look ?
as far i as i know she will only sell one style of dress for each seperate occasion.

dame Registered User

Thanks guys, we'll look at all those places (I'll check them out beforehand or she'll baulk at going too many places). Any more suggestions will also be gratefully received....

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