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Hi all
I,m selling my escort harrier, it was rebuilt a few years back over in England. It was rebuilt on a 1300 Ghia shell, all the original parts went back in. the engine was rebuilt and bored from 1600 to 1760, new ashley exhaust, lowered 2", the shell is fairly good, when I bought it I had to get both inner door pillers plated and welded, and got the underside waxoiled. It has been in storage since. There is a problem with the wiring of the headlights, I changed the stocks but no good, never had time to fix it. this is not a genuine Harrier but is a nice car. its in autotrader for €9500 but open to offers Tel. 0868189148

Gar81 Registered User

Another pic. I have interior photo on my phone, my lead fo pc is broke but i can text it if u like

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No offence but isn't that a little pricey? VRT to be paid too.

My MkII RS2000 (a very good and rare base model) is insured for a lot less than €9500.

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