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I think too much time has elapsed for me to try to fix my post, so I'll try to post those pictures again:

Right, those ones above are screen shots pulled from my camcorder, if they don't work this time I guess they won't work. These should be grand:

This is on the glacier, the photo doesn't really do justice to the blizzard-like conditions!

This is one of the runs on the glacier, going up the chair lift you literally had to hold your face in your hands or have it sliced off. I think the day I took this there were 38 km/h winds:

And here's the snow park:

And one of my favourite photos, the night-skiing run:

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Just looking through the photos sticky and got to thinking surely people have videos of themselves and others either being unbelievably good or hillariously bad? Either way I think it'd be nice to see some peoples in action as opposed to talking about it.

I have none at hand at the minute, (interfering web filter in work getting in my way) but surely there are linkages to youtube and other such wonderous sources???

Let the ego massaging or straight up abuse begin! (maybe less of the abuse, what with the charter and all that!)

EDIT: It could also serve as an instructional aid to beginers, but mostly for one-upmanship and psyching people up

edmund_f Registered User

sure for what its worth, my first experience of a cat run, completely out of control - don't worry knew the people sitting down

ShayK1 Registered User

My First ever attempt at a kicker

My last run before coming home from Finland

Hope they work for you all

Static M.e. Registered User

I love that last run in Finland! You had some speed coming down the run

Don1 Registered User

Tryin to keep up with the speedy bastid is why I sustained a head injury!

However, Pantera or Kyuss on the headphones, icy ground and an inability to link turns also contributed!

ShayK1 Registered User

Thank you Static M.e.
@Don1: I think the run I passed you out on was faster??

robinph Moderator

I've not got round to putting together my videos from this year yet so I just have a couple from last year at the moment. I don't think they are going to be in anyway of use as "an instructional aid to beginers" though but seeing as you asked for video here what I've got...

Video taken in Mottaret in Jan 2007:

...another re-edited video from Mottaret:

...another taken in Livigno:

...and just for something completely different how about some bob-sleigh from Sigulda in Latvia:

Once I have a spare several days to go through the many hours of new stuff I got in Zermatt I'll be sticking that up as well.

Static M.e. Registered User

This is my first jump in Soldeu, Andorra back in Feb '05.

It speaks for itself

Don1 Registered User

Classic. Quite similar to Shayk1's only I was in a worse position with a crappier camera!!

robinph Moderator

@Static M.e.
Very nice crash.

For anyone wondering how to inline your YouTube vid's with your posts, just use these tags around the random code from the url and leave out the spaces.

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5th day on skis - snowboarder cut in front of me on a kicker.

same day - I'm the second skier

5starpool CL0SED Account, honest.

I think this would be good to merge with the photos sticky.

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Good idea. I was trying to upload one of my videos to youtube but it was taking ages.

Can you embed videos with those tags if they're on a site besides youtube?

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