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Does anybody know of somewhere that has a quad bike (ATV) track anywhere near Dublin (within an hour). I googled it for Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare etc but there are no links to any contact details...

I was hoping to go to one this evening and presume we would need to pre-book... The only place I can find is on the site but it does not give the name of the place in Wicklow as you have to buy the tickets through them and wait for them to be posted out...

Any help would be appreciated!!

lonelyguyie Registered User

Try here..i went there and had a great time. - did the archery and clay pigeon shooting as well - great crack for a day out.

Also, check out the yellow pages phone book (which is being delivered at the moment!) under adventure sports & Centres (pg 25 of 2006 version) lots of places there too

philcsl Registered User

Thanks for that, I'll give them a buzz!

mummy2b Registered User

Does anyone know of any quad biking company. I have gone into the link above but they no longer do it unfortunately

Are there any other activities that people would recommend for a company day out - we are looking at xtreme ireland but just want to give 2 options.


xzanti Moderator

Hilltop Sporting Centre in Wicklow, great day out, you can get a package deal which entitles you to Quadding, Archery and Clay Shooting.. I really enjoyed it, not sure how much it costs as my OH took me as a gift..

Ice_Box Registered User

Not quads but looks fun

near Maynooth

iwillrocku Registered User

Ice_Box said:
Not quads but looks fun

near Maynooth

anthing cheaper

minio Registered User

Hi, I have been quad biking in county monaghan. not too far from the airport just 45mins think it was. Great experience fun day would defo go back again! can't complain. check out you can do other activities aswell like archery and clay pigeon shooting etc and make a day of it. Good pressie for the b.f or g.f!!! I was happy
hope this helps!

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