BrianD3 Registered User

My neck has developed a grinding/cracking noise when I turn my head. This noise happens all the time - it doesn't happen once and then not happen for awhile like say cracking knuckles.

It sounds horrible and is bugging me. No pain though

I am just worred that I have damaged myself from training as this cracking seems to correspond with me adding some new exercises to my routine. Should I see a physio or osteopath? Has anyone experienced anything similar?


I posted a similar query about my back in the Biology and Medicine forum, where I got some decent advice - might be worth asking them

daveirl Registered User

I can get mine to crack sometimes after matches but I can't say I've ever been able to do it consistently. No pain is obviously a very good sign. I wouldn't get too worked up about it but that's probably just me! Of course it can't hurt to get it checked.

t-ha Registered User

Probably tight neck muscles and upper traps. One explanation I've heard is that when muscles are tight they can compress some of your joints and when they become un-compressed (i.e. when you move or twist your head) it can lead to little gas bubbles developing in the sinovial fluid of the joint and then escaping. Kinda like the way coke fizzes when you unscrew the cap, or divers get the bends when they surface too fast.

workaccount Registered User

I used to have this in my knees and other places but cod liver oil does the trick. If your issue is the same as mine's gas bubbles in your joints. The cod liver oil or any fish oil probably will sort it out.

PeakOutput Registered User

i feel the need to crack my fingers fairly often dont know why i used to do it with my knees too but decided that could end badly as knees are not the most robust things in the first place.......... my back cracks the odd time as does my neck BUT my big toe cracks literally with every step its so annoying and im sure not healthy so i might give the cod liver oil a bash.

op if your neck is constantly grinding i think it would be worth getting a doctor to have a quick look

Fuzzballs Registered User

I had that every morning for years. When i woke up i would turn my head from one side to the other and get a cracking, never bothered me as it seemed like a relief when i did it. Then 4 months ago i woke up did the same thing and crunch. I was in agony, could move at all with the pain shooting in my neck and body. Long story short, went to a chircopractor on the clontarf rd, across from the old baths. After an xray and an adjustment i was brand new. I had put the joints out of alignment in my neck. The xray verified this and the adjustment corrected it. The chiro's there are legends. No messing, not 100 repeat visits. Just identified and fixed the problem. So get your arse to a chiro as there is a problem, chiro told me it starts from lower in the back, but works up. From sitting incorrectly and bad posture, normally nothing to do with exercise. That actually helps most of the time.

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