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I am getting close to completing a DIY pellet store which is an extension to garage where the boiler is located. The pellets will be gravity fed thru the back wall to the Gerkros 50kg (?) hopper. The hopper has a sloped floor on three sides against the original back wall of the garage.

I am looking guidance on a final few details:

1. Has anyone here managed to find the cam lock fitting and associated pipework as indicated on the Balcas website male 4 inch cam lock fitting, serial number : A-400. Did the supplier also provide bends and straight piping sections? Any contact details/costs?

2. Is it fair to assume that the delivery air can be exhausted thru 4" piping (e.g. like sewer pipe) with a simple filter attached to the inlet side?

3. What does the delivery driver need in terms of viewing the delivery to the hopper? I have made no provision for inspection hatch as yet - need a pointer before I start cutting!

Any help appreciated...

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We built a storage unit but we have to feed manually.

1. you can get the fittings from h&h equipment in Cork 021 4520600 or try kerry bio fuels on 066 7118884. In the pic you show the piece on the right is the male a:400 and comes in two parts, approx €90 for the two if i remember correctly.

2. That air outlet will be fine. We don't have a filter on ours.

3. Delivery driver is not overly concerned about the storage unit, he clamps on the hose and goes back to the truck. He'll be well clear in the event of any mishaps. We have a piece of glass up the side of the storage unit which lets you see what level the pellets are at.

Hope that helps.

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Hello Bald? er, dash!

A couple of points on your pellet store

1. You say that the hopper is gravity feed, are you slopeing all sides into a point at the bottom? If so the you should put a small inspection hatch near the bottom. Point ended (inverted pyramind shaped) hoppers can be susecptible to bridging and you need to be able to push in a rod to break it if this happens. I don't want to get you worried about this because it very rarely happens, bridging usually occurs if the pellets are too dusty or too damp.

2. Put a hatch in close to the top. It needs to be big enough for a man to climb in. If you are really feeling good then add some steps on the inside as well.

3. Make a small viewing window, approx 100mm dia or square by cutting a hole in the timber and fixing some perspex over the hole from the inside.

4. It is important to use metal 4" pipe for the blow in pipe, it should also be earthed for disipathing any static build up. The same pipe that farmers use on their meal bins is ideal.

Hope this helps?


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IF you could get iit collected from Monaghan I could get you the pipe fittings and bends you needed and welded together if necessary. Send me a sketch of what you need and I can email you back a price.

Bald? er, dash! Registered User

Thanks for the comments everyone... have been considering most of the above at various stages during the build.

Have decided against the 4" piping for venting purposes and will just use the space behind the plywood sheeting on the roof, i.e. between the rafters, to vent down to the soffit.

Have installed a 9" sewer pipe section through the wall to feed the Gerkros, this will hopefully prevent any bridging, but will put a small inspection port near the bottom also.

Have an inspection hatch/window at the top of the hopper for access and viewing during filling. Anyone confirm what viewing problems are caused by dust, especially during filling stage?

Anyone confirm how the bulk delivery is measured during delivery, i.e. if I order 3 tonnes, how do I/the driver know when we have 3 tonnes?

Steelman: definitely interested in talking in more detail - need to workout a few details before confirming all of the detail. Can you pm me a contact email/telephone number? Thanks

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I'm in the process of starting to build bulk storage, was wondering has anyone succesfully build a pellet store where you can install the auger supplied into it. I have a Gerkros 40kW Boilier, any tips would be great.

Bald? er, dash! Registered User

Vinneyboy, I'd also considered this option, but was advise by Gerkros that the burner should only be supplied from their small hopper. For me, this meant raising the hopper floor by over two feet, which is a lot of pellets in a 100 sq. ft. area

Would check with them first lest you void any warranty on the boiler or auger motor etc.

Let me know how you get along, I might just change my design yet!!!

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I know that Gerkros also supply the filling pipes, i.e. the one with the camlock fitting, as well. Also I was speaking to them last week and they now have vacuum systems for transporting pellets from bulk storage up to 50m away into the vacuum unit which stands beside the boiler. the auger for the boiler fits directly into the storage in the vacuum unit so it does away with the mini hopper.

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