Jrembin Banned

Okay so child pornography is illegal because children are stupid and cant consent to sex and all that jazz.

So I was watching a porn a few minutes ago and this guy was getting the arse ridden off him by two other guys (not at the same time) and I swear it looked as though he wouldnt be able to walk again afterwards.

So this uber agressive fcuk was all fine and well in my books but then I ejaculated and it was just kind of sad.

The guy getting pounded was acting seriously retarded. Mental age of a four year old retarded. And the guys doing him were really really rough and I dunno it just doesnt seem right.

Child porn is illegal because children arent near mature enough to consent to sex let alone star in a porno so should there be like a minimum IQ for porn stars? Lots of porn comes off as exploitative but this just seemed way too much.


maybe they were training for the special olympics?

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