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Myself and boyf are planning a trip to Boracay in the middle of october, was wondering if anyone has been there and have any tips?
The plan is to spend three nights in Manila and 11 in Boracay. I know its a small island and was wondering if there is enough in it to spend 11 days there.

Also does anyone know about getting the boat from boracay to caticlan for a domestic flight. can you hire them anytime. we would need to be in caticlan fairly early (7am ish) to catch domestic flight to manila for onward journed home.

Any other tips are appreciated

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hey! how are you? i hope you will still read this!

i was in phillippines in the summer and it was amazing. such a great country.

when in Manila... going to MOA(mall of asia) is a must and taxis are very cheap.(its near the airport). theres ice-sk8in inside aswell, which is a strange novelty in such a hot country.

dont worry about the ferry from caticlan... they leave every minute!
the people on the island are really friendly and again its very cheap, especially compared to here..

go eat in FRIDAYS restaurant(at the very end of white beach)

Mongolian bbq is also quite nice and is an all u can eat buffet for around 5 euro(300 peso)

do all the water sports, again so cheap and so worth it...

if u have any questions or concerns, or want to see some photos just send me a msg

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Make sure to have change for taxis in Manila as the drivers, convienantly never have change to give you! It's a great city for shopping. There are so many malls! It's a poor country though so prepare yourself for that. Manila itself is quite a run down city, with armed security guards outside shopping malls and restaurants etc. Going around in a Jeepney is an experience!

Overall though, the Filopinos are extremely friendly and curious about you and where you come from (I was travelling on my own).

I didn't visit Boracay but I've heard the beach (White Beach) is amazing and it's real touristy etc. Diving is also meant to be good there. I dived at other parts of The Philippines and it is really good. There is lots to see.

Have a look at virtualtourist.com http://http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Philippines/Province_of_Aklan/Boracay_Island-1407255/TravelGuide-Boracay_Island.html

This is a great site for tips from fellow travellers- things to avoid, scams, what to do etc.

DAM!!! Why do people drag up old threads??? And me thicko replying to them.

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as for the change thing regarding taxis... they may only want 1 or 2 euro extra.. which is'nt that bad at all and you shudnt be afraid to tip them 1 or 2 euro(150-200peso) as they are generally lovely people and a small tip for us to give is a generous tip for them to receive...

i also travelled to thailand and evry tuktuk driver i met tried to rip me off.. philippines was a million times nicer....

take rides on the jeepneys and tricycles... very cheap and sucha cool experience..

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