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Hi All,
I've noticed that one of the front alloy wheels & discs on the car is very hot to touch after driving (compared to other 3 wheels, which are cool). There is also a lot more brake dust on the hot wheel than on the other side, which seems to imply that that the caliper is sticking somehow???

However, I've jacked the car up and the wheel doesn't seem to be any harder to turn than the opposite side (maybe the pressure on the brake disc is only present when the car is moving??).

Braking is fine and doesn't seem uneven. Discs don't seem to be warped and braking is smooth.

Has anyone had a similar problem or have any suggestions for a fix? Am I looking at a new caliper or is there anything else to check out or try?




Brake calliper partially seized. Sometimes they get tight as they heat but not so bad as too cause judder under braking.


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A failed wheel bearing too could cause this. All your info points to the brakes being OK but it still, as pointed out, could be a caliper getting tight under use/heat. Usually a good clean and lube of the slides fixes it and would not normally be a caliper replacement unless it's really really badly gone.

I would eliminate the brakes totally as a cause first before looking for another cause, there's not many possible causes anyway.

If it is the brakes it could be a pad sticking on it's slides rather than the actual caliper, check those too. it may not stick all the time and when you apply the brakes it frees but when you release it does no release properly all the time.

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Yepp, sticky brake caliper.

Needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. While braking is still smooth now, it won't stay like that for long. Brake pads will start to glaze at the surface with the heat and eventually break off altogether. Also disks may get damaged over time.

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Been having this problem on the rear left of my 01 Primera. Twas defo the brake caliper. Caused an insane amount of heat.

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Had the same problem, sticky caliper. You could see the disk glow red at night time after a long drive. Scary

dcGT Registered User

Thanks all. Well that seems to confirm it. Will get the caliper and pads checked out. I thought it might be the wheel bearing also, but that wouldn't explain the extra brake dust on the wheel.



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