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Hi there,

I've been researching campers for some time now and have decided (ish... I've been "researching" for a long time...) that getting one converted for me makes sense. I want a reasonably new (couple of years) poptop RHD camper. Poptop due to parking restrictions. RHD because it seems safer to drive but folks on the forum seem to be easy either way.

Anyway, I've found a couple of places that do conversions in Ireland and was wondering if people have some addresses or numbers of people they are aware of. There are loads in the UK but thats kinda pricey right now.

I've found

What else is out there?

Base vehicle isn't really important but LWB suits me for storing surf boards.

I don't really have the time or more importantly the experience to spend 1000's on a kit and fit it myself. I'm sure I'd figure it out but at that money I'd sooner have a pro do it and be sure its done right that spend months doing it myself and not quite be happy.

Feel free to point me at the appropriate thread if this question has already been asked.


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DIY price for cosyclassics kit is excellent

I came across a company starting to do this in the Uk too , in BIrmingham...will do supply only or supply and fit hte whole works - quite reasonable compared to all the others

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Hi guys

Just to let you know if you have a mini but and want to convert you do not have to pay vrt mini buses (8 seats) have vrt paid. I rang revenue about mine and no vrt due.

Can anyone answer is the 1.8 m rule gone, I though it was but the company I rang to certify said i had to have 1.8 the van is 1.7, any ideas?


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