Gavin1 Registered User

I have a big problem with dogs fouling the grass verge in front of my house.

There are some dogs on my road but short of going door to door and becoming very unpopular is there anything that can be sprayed or done to stop this?

Thanks in advance.

peasant Moderator

These "get off" granules that you can get in garden centres are supposed to work ...problem is, they are fairly expensive and don't last very long in our rainy weather.

corkimp Registered User

There also is a "get off" powder available.

rugger Registered User

Try this... Its gonna sound crazy but I know people who swear by it!!

Take a few empty 2l Coke bottels, remove all labels, fill it with water and just let a few lie around on the lawn.

Just try it, you have nothing to loose- I think


yeah ive heard of this before but i dont see how it could actually work
worth a shot anyway!

alexdenby6 Registered User

people use them to stop dogs lifting the leg against their gates and stuff. strange but it might work

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