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I searched for this already but didn't come across any threads.

I'm about to register to take the CCNA exam....the 640-822 ICND1 and the 640-816 ICND2 with either Pearson or Prometric.

I notice Pearson have a few more test centres in Dublin to choose from (5 vs 1)

For anyone who has already taken the exam, I take it it probably doesn't matter where I take it....or does it?

Really looking for people experiences with both camps.


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Its the same exam regardless. Pick one that's convenient for you, the exam centers aren't (usually) owned or operated by either testing body, they are just licensed to give the exams so the quality of the center is purely down to that of the operating company. You'd be better off giving a list of the sites you are thinking of and folks here can chime in, but VUE vs. Thomson won't help.

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Global Knowledge Ireland
3rd Floor
Jervis House
Millennium Walkway
Dublin 1

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
Blanchardstown Road North
Dublin 15

Irish Academy of Computer Training - IACT
98 St. Stephens Green
Dublin 2

Sure Skills
13/14 Fitzwilliam Place
Dublin 2

Hi-Tech Associates
28 Tolka Valley Business Park
Ballyboggan Rd.
Dublin 11


New Horizons Ireland
Dublin 1

For the CCNA exam both charge €126

I think I'kll just book one and that will set me a target date in regards to study etc. Registered User

Pearson will charge 126+VAT.
Thomson charge 126 only with no VAT

That is the only difference between the two companies, exams are from the vendor anyway, not from them.

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apparenlty there is only one centre in dublin that can offer the Cisco exams. i'm not sure which one though.

Cisco have clamped down on who candelvier there tests.

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As of Spetember 1st Pearson Test centres are the only centres you can do Cisco exams in, and Prometric test centres signed a deal with microsoft for all of the Microsoft exams. So You have to choose Pearson.

By the way not all Pearson test centres are advertised, there are some that are classed as hidden, Speaking as the head of a Hidden test centre, I know what I'm saying is true...almost every college in Ireland now has a Pearson Vue test centre, so ask at your local IT or University as they will probably let you do the exam there, and it'll be the same cost.

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just to update this a little.

seem to be the cheapest for the CCNA

183 euro now

The cheapest I've located anyway

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Now Prometric only let you use a mini white board with a marker that has a big nib.

You have to use Pearson-VUE for Cisco? Then then only differnce between exam centers is will the one you pick give you paper for rough work?

Paper would be great so you can write out things like the sub netting table before the clock starts on your exam... while your'e supposte to be going through the instructions.

Snaga Registered User

Just ask for a second plastic sheet, they have yet to refuse me a second one.

Either way youll still likely come out with marker all over your hands from furiously erasing diagrams all of the time

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Hey, im looking for some updated information, my college course has done abit of Cisco(CCNA) and im looking to study it on my own, with the college routers, does anybody know where Pearson are still active, and if you can take the exam without the course?

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