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Currently in the middle of a new build but of course having problems! We are putting a stove in our sitting room - the problem is nobody is able to advise me on where the soot/inspection box needs to be situated or how it is to be built in to the chimney. I have spoken to engineers, builder providers and stove manuafacturers but they can't tell me anything about the soot box. I am hoping to put in the side of the fireplace stack inside the house as I don't want to be bridging the cavity with putting it outside. Can anybody offer advise on this or has anybody encountered a similar situation.

I have attached a Very rough drawing of the fireplace as it stands (may help!)



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If it was my choice I would put it on an outside wall to eliminate the risk of destroying the house with soot when opened for cleaning.
The Dept. of Enviroment Technical Guidance Documents might give you some info. Their link is

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My mother has a stove at home and there is a soot box just to the side of it. Now to start with I'll say that it is a very old house with the deep/thick walls. Anyway to the side of the stove there is an alcove and the door to the soot box is there. I have attached my attempted drawing of what I'm talking about (it's not to scale, but hopefully you'll get the idea). There is a removable shelf unit that fits into the alcove normally, so it's completely disguised. This is then taken out when it needs to be cleaned out.

As stapeler points out it can be messy when it is being cleaned out, so you will need to take care of your flooring etc especially if it's carpet or probably wood. We only have lino at home, so it's easily cleaned if anything falls on it.

Hopefully this might be some help.

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When I put in a Waterford stove many years ago I was told I had to have a soot box for safety reasons? ....
(chimney fires I guess) ....

so it's located a couple of feet up from the stove top ..... we simply cut a square hole in the flue pipe and built the box into the inside wall .....

In all the years it's been there it's never been opened and certainly not for cleaning ..... cleaning is done from the roof down and from within the stove ....

That's my story .....

I can get a photo if you wish ....

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Here you go Samie .... rem this was put in 20 years ago and we are trying age it !!!! ....

( Antique it even)

the box is recessed about 6 inches to allow a small shelf ..... just to stop it being the centre of attraction on the wall .... the stove is just under the arch in the photo ....

The box came enamelled in brown but I think black and white were also available ....

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Hi Hobie,

Sorry to be driving you crazy but the photos didn't seem to attach your reply.



hobie Registered User

Oh bugger ....

here are the links .....

hope your AV is not blocking them ....

Samie Registered User

Thanks Hobie!!! and thanks to everybody else for there suggestions


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