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about 10 days ago i went for a 5k run, and when i got home i did a few chin ups with my palm facing me (about 3 sets of 8) pulling my knees up to my elbows on each, then 3 sets of crunches (20 each set), 3 sets of leg raises (20ish each set) and 3 sets of push ups (about 12 each set), but on the push ups my legs were raised up about 1.5 feet. Dunno why i did this, i wasn't in the mood of a full workout, so i just thought i'd mess around at home as i've a good t-bar for chinups at the end of my garden and a small wall for doing dips on so i thought i'd try pushups with my legs up to see what would happen.

Now my left shoulder's clicking. if i have my hand by my side and raise my arm up (almost like a nazi salute) up to about a foot above my head my shoulder makes a clicking sound and then it's quite painful on the return to my side. i haven't done a thing since, but i had a swimming lesson last night and it was a technique intensive one and i couldn't pull off the recovery part of my stroke 'cos it hurt so much.

I know it's not a bone, but anyone know what i might've pulled/strained? and how long it'll take to heal? I presume just leave it alone is all i can probably do, but i'm training (well, supposedly) for the dublin tri and it's in 9 weeks and i'm not anything near where i need to be at this stage so i don't want to stop if i can. Swimming's my weakest area and i need to be in the pool a lot!

Apologies for the long post, but i just wanted to be detailed about it!


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Go see a quack, to be honest....

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I know f.all about sports injuries but how's your posture? It sounds like tendonitis. It could be caused by hunching your shoulders forward or the way you sleep.

If you concentrate on keeping your shoulder blades back in their correct position and then do your 'Nazi salute', does it hurt? If if doesn't it could be that the tendon in your shoulder is being impinged by how you're holding yourself.

Maybe see a physio.

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i ****in hate d quack! if it's no better in a week i will though! My posture's quite good tbh. I'm fairly conscious of it and always try to keep my shoulders upright and my shoulder blades back. I've never had trouble with it before. used to pull muscles in my upper back when i was younger, but since i stopped growing that seems to have stopped too!

gonna google tendonitus now.

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If you can pin-point the pain to a specific time (which was probably when you did the dips, push ups etc...) then I'd venture to say it's most likely tendonitus.

I know the bicep tendon can become pretty inflamed (from personal exp) and present in a simialar manner to what you've desricbed. If you turn you palm out and lift you arm so that it's parrallel with the ground, think holding you arm straight out in front of your body with your palm facing towards the sky, push down on it with your other hand and try to resist letting your arm move.

If you get a really sharp pain while doing this it's most likely your bicep tendon that's inflammed. As with most things joint related, get some ice on it asap, knock back some anti-inflams and go get proper advice off someone who isn't trying to diagnose a problem over the net with no medical experience!!

Hope it heals up quick for ya.

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