donutface Registered User

Im sure I saw it before but I cant find it now. Basically im looking for the itemised bill like o2 and meteor gives you on prepaid, does anyone know if this still exists?

Sam Vimes Registered User

bill pay or pre pay?

on bill it has an option "my bill" on the list that has Messaging & email, my mobile, price plans etc so if the option was available on pre pay i'd say it'd be there.


Online call records are only available on Vodafone billpay and not on Vodafone prepay.

god's toy Registered User

Getting the 'logon services are currently unavailable' error when I try to log in. Been like that for days now so could be down...

Maybe it's just my end.


I can login fine on a prepay account. Ring care and ask them if there's any issues with your account?

++ edit ++
Just to clarify I can login to with my prepay account, there's no call details online, there's not ment to be. I was just saying that the login works

failsafe Registered User

If it's an error 57, same thing happened to me. Call 1907 and they should sort it out.

Also, there's no call details online for prepay.

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