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Greetings from sunny East Cork!

Producer, engineer, mastering. Check out my website for details of the services on offer.

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just finishing the construction of my TV & Radio OB unit built specifically for music recording & broadcast.

24 track dual recorders OR 48 track non-redundant. its first gig went well, recording the Dolans D10 festical in Limerick for radio...

in a nutshell:
2 x Mackie HDR 24/96 24 track 24bit recorder/editors
1 x Mackie MDR 24/96 24 track recorder
40 channels Focusrite Octopre (not LE version)
Yamaha O2R digital console
Genelec 1029 monitors w sub

stereo mixes for the budget-conscious!

multis, splitters, big Audix mic package!

festivals, concerts, dvd shoots, you name it.

cheers ~



Here's my tuppence worth. Nearly ready for road now - aimed more at radio production and voiceover work but am hoping to do some music work too, thanks! Email or call if you need any other details

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Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a brand new studio. I'll be open sometime in mid august and I'm looking for a few bands/singer songwriters to get the ball rolling. For a limited time I'll be doing a rate of €200 per song. This will include recording, mixing and mastering. This rate is within reason. All bands etc should be well rehearsed and I would typically allocate 1-3 days per song depending on hrs, acts and how well I'm getting on with the band.

My studio is very high end and I will be typically looking for €400 a day when the studio is up and running. The studio is equipped with a newly acquired MTA Trident desk (the actual desk was used to record Portishead's 1st two albums including "Dummy" and part of PJ Harvey's-"Stories from the City, Stories from the sea album")

All mics and outboard are class A equipment and there is also an Otari MTR 90 MKII 2" Tape Machine and Apogee converters. I also have a large selection of guitars, amps and effects for hire for sessions too.

I'm a certified city and guilds engineer and I have working experience in studios in town. If people are genuinely interested and would like to work with me then please PM me. This studio far exceeds the terrible standard of low-mid budget studios in Ireland. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Regards,

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Just new here and found this interesting, So I'll give some of my customers a plug.

For CD and DVD manufacturing try:-

Or, if you wish to burn discs yourself go to

All Dublin based.

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All Services nationwide, really.
Light , Sound Hire & installation.
Nova P.A. Distribution.
Live sound course.
All specs under :

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Hi, i have a high spec practice room in west dublin 60 per session. full pa and back line. pm me if interested!

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Around the cork city area, 25euro a song.

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Hi Guys

I do some cd duplication..

100 cds in plastic wallets are €85


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I've been a sloppy guitar player and studio enthusiast for the last 2-3 years but I've never really got to reach a pro quality in my efforts, mainly because I've never done this full time to the point of fanaticism and most importantly because I used to own less-than-useful gear which in summary was no more than a: pc with onboard soundcard (gotta love 160ms latency!!), pod xt and an Ibanez 7621 guitar with which I recorded this awkward track.

Since this month that I made an investment of over 3000€ on equipment (after being 1.5yrs without any equipment at all) and now I built a moderate quality home studio for my own recreations. The list of gear that I acquired for my compositions, recordings and experiments is as follows:

  • DELL Optiplex 755.
  • core 2 quad 2.4ghz
  • 8 Gb RAM.
  • Vista x64 Business Edition + Cubase LE / Sonar LE (for the time being, working on acquiring pro versions of this and a few plugin and sample sets, etc)
  • E-mu 0404 USB soundcard.
  • m-audio studiophile BX5a deluxe reference monitor
  • several tongue-in-china headphones
  • Ibanez rg1527 (7 string)
  • POD X3 Live
  • Maxon OD-808
  • ISP Decimator
  • 1spot + daisychain multi5 (with 3 unused plugs...)

I am interested in sharing this 'bedroom studio' in (D3/Fairview area) with someone who wants to record their own stuff or simply wants to work with someone else to develop and share knowledge and skills. I will also try to mix rock&metal projects for free, in an effort to learn and gain experience from. I have also a project of mine which I will home-record to the point of getting the best possible quality and would appreciate help from someone experienced in recording&tracking (my achiles heel). PM me if interested.

P.S: All of this material is pretty new, I am, as of this writting, working with factory settings for the most part and haven't started tweaking stuff mainly due to the fact that I am still waiting for the delivery of a desk to put the pc and monitors on. As soon as all that arrives, I will start recording clips and show 'what I can(not) do'

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PopStar Studios produce extremely high quality demos for our client.
Dav Nagle (producer and engineer) will add all the editing and FX to your voice so you can sound like a real popstar! These backing tracks sound simply amazing, just like their originals.

Our aim is to be the one and only studio for recording talented singers from all over Ireland. Our prices are so good that anyone out there who has a 9-5 can come in and create their very own professional CD. We cater for 'X' Factor vocalists and both professional and hobby singers. The amount of top quality songs available is simply outstanding and we pay for them for you, all inclusive in our amazing rates.

If you sing and you have always wanted a professional CD look no further than Pop Star Studios. We will be promoting our service throughout Dublin and the rest of Ireland over the next year.

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I had to send a gear list to a record label so I thought I would post it here since it was already typed out:

Sonor S Class maple:
10",12",13",16" toms
14x5 maple snare, 14x9 maple snare, 14x6 steel snare
Zildjian a custom 14" hats, 17"&18" projection crashes, 22' ride
Paiste 18" china
2x iron cobra pedals
4x boom stands and a couple of auxillary boom arms and drum rack.

Guitar gear:
H&K Triamp mk2, Peavey 6505, Marshall 8100 head, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier.
Marshall 4x12, ENGL 4x12, Orange 4x12 (all with v30s)
Digitech GSP1101 preamp.
PRS custom 24 (in B tuning), Gibson LP standard, Gibson es137, US strat with emg set (81 in bridge), US tele dlx, Rickenbacker 620, Yamaha compass acoustic.
Ibanes ts 808, boss sd1, mxr wylde, mxr double shot, boss turbo distortion etc.
Fender US P Bass in standard tuning, Warwick bass in B (btm 4 of 5 string)
MXR blow torch bass od, mxr graphic, hartke bass di, warwick tube path 5 head, 2 4x10 cabs.
This is off the top of my head so I may have left some stuff out.

Mac Pro quad 2.6 with 8GB ram.
2x22" monitors and 1x32" monitor.
RME Digiface pcie interface.
M-Audio Profire Lightbridge used for PT M Powered when needed.
Logic Pro 8 is my main platform.
Plugins by Sonnox, URS, Wave Arts, Antares, Nomad Factory etc.
Waves SSL.
Stillwell 1973, rocket, Major Tom, Vibe eq.
Mackie control.
M-Audio oxygen 8
Yamaha upright electric piano (full hammer action)
Reason 4
PT M Powered
Final Cut Studio
Mutec Studio master clock

API A2D pre.
Focusrite ISA220 channel.
Focusrite ISA828 pre.
Phoenix Audio DRS-1 pre.
Yamaha 01v96 digital mixer.
8 Channels of drawmer compressors.
Focal Twin Monitors.
BSS di
Hartke bass di
Digitech gsp1101
Pod xt
Korg rack guitar tuner (super accurate for layering tracks)
Radial reamp box

Neumann tlm103 condenser.
Shure Sm57 x 4.
AKG c4000 x 2.
audix i5.
Shure sm58.
AKG tom mics (?)
Senheisser tom mics (?)
Senheisser e602 bass drum mic x 2.
Studio projects valve mic.
EV bass drum mic (?).
AKG d112
2x chinese ribbon mics (great for drum room mics).
Senheisser drum overhead small diaphragm condensers x 4.
Senheisser hd?? headphones x 2
Vic Firth drummers headphones.

Natural daylight and 3 leather couches in the new(ish) control room.
Comfortably accommodates 8 people.
Chill out room with leather couch, play station, tv and mac g4 with internet access.
Patio area adjacent to control room (under construction)
Tea, coffee and chocky bickies.

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For good value CD production try

based in Blanchardstown

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I have a rehearsal space to share with one other band. Pa is provided. Band must provide own drumkit and amps. Full day costs 75 euros and for a 3 hour session it is 45 euros. Price is negotiatable. Also has own toilet.

Located not far from McDonalds in Phibsboro.



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want to record contact me

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