Saskia Registered User

Can anyone help me? The Bus Eireann site is a fu*king joke. Is it quicker by train?

Stark Registered User

Apparently the bus from Gorey is very quick, about an hour to UCD.

zaraba No man is a River Island

The bus is a lot faster and a lot more frequent. One leaves Dublin and Rosslare pretty much every hour.

Train is more comfortable but slower, and there are only 2/3 a day.

bazzer06 Registered User

have to disagree on the bus/train thing - the bus takes 2hrs 50 minutes (obviously depending on where in dublin your getting off - thats from wexford town to busaras) whereas the train now takes 2hrs 30 - 40 minutes and obviously wins for comfort.

The bus eireann website is fine if ya go to the print timetablle part - that tells you all ya need to know.

I'd say the fastest way though is the ardcavan bus which usually does the trip in 2 hrs or less - go to for times. Its the cheapest too

scooochie4 Registered User

i second ardcavan!

mdwexford Registered User

i think a helicopter would be pretty fast

xebec Registered User

How about Concorde?

But seriously, your best bet is either the bus or the train - bus for frequency train for comfort.

aequinoctium Registered User

depends on what time you are leaving....traffic considerations

concorde is not in operation anymore!

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