admiralofthefleet Closed Account

george galloway just announced it

red_ice Registered User

did you make this post the second he finsihed that sentence?

Pigman II Banned

Just as long as there's no mincers thank you very much.

mcaul Registered User

Put the two boys from Million Pound Property experiment into the house!!!!

PCros Registered User

Apparently one of them is a totally camp hairdresser.

Also Starring LeVar Burton as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge

Apparently one of them is a totally camp hairdresser.

Yeah, I heard that aswell.

Don't think they were meant to go in so soon, but I guess BB decided if there wouldn't be an eviction they needed something else to do.

little miss Registered User

Fantastic! New people to analyse - can't wait!

Jackz Registered User

2 gay guys poor ziggy.

Mr.Nice Guy Registered User

Oh no the Irish guy is a complete idiot. I believe he's the guy that was over for the Michael Jackson trial. I recall seeing him in a Triumph the Insult comic dog sketch. Bloody fool. Get 'im out!

niamh1975 Closed Account

is he a nordie? did you hear him shouting I love you to the crowds. cringe!!

niamh1975 Closed Account

please dont let him be from donegal

netopia Registered User

What is his problem? I could understand a bit of attitude if he looked as good as Gerry but her looks like Noddy whats his name from Slade (and don't even get me started on the accent!)

Did you see him raising his eyes to heaven with his "I can read"?

I know yer man Gerry seems a bit giddy but I think he's nervous and is overwhelmed.

Jackz Registered User

He said he cant stand efeminite (sic) gay guys in his interview.

BuffyBot Administrator

Gerry/Seany tension already.

And Seany is an idiot.

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