lost_soul Registered User

Hey does anyone know what the dress code for the civil service is like (in particular the CSSO). It seems to be that different office's have different dress codes. im due to start tomorrow as a clerical officer.

Thanks for any help.


Well seeing as you can't really be fired you can probably do what you want. I remember asking one of my friends what he wore to work in the civil service and he just pointed to what he was wearing which was baggy jeans and a tshirt.

DublinWriter Registered User

Smiths tee-shirt, jeans and cons.


...but go semi-casual on your first day and best of luck.

Mrs. MacGyver Registered User

Yes semi casual is best, maby skirt/plain trousers and top. You will have sussed after day one what the vibe is and you will have no bother from then on Don't wear a suit!

Dave! Moderator

Slacks and open neck shirt?

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