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HI guys,

I was stopped last night at checkpoint, and asked for my drivers license.

I did not have it with me, but was given option of dropping into local station within 10 days, no problem.

However, when I went home and got it I discovered that it is 6 months out of date (honest mistake). Does anybody know what thie situation is here?

I can go and renew on Tuesday, but date will still show that it was renewed after the request.

All thoughts appreciated.



You may have been uninsured all that time
I say may be as I'm sure some legal eagle will find a loophole to show you were insured. There was a similar thread months ago.

Go to your tax office and ask to get one asap. Then go to the station and bluff it and hope the garda doesn't notice-it may work


I discovered that it is 6 months out of date (honest mistake). Does anybody know what thie situation is here?

AFAIK driving with an expired license is a minor infraction and your insurance is OK.

I believe that somewhere in there is wording like 'the driver must have a license for the vehicle or having held such a license is not excluded from holding one'.

Its not the same as driving without a license.

Anyhow, renew it and explain to the guard and if neccessary to the judge. You'll probably get a small fine.

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Do you have his details? Name etc? Call him up and explain. Tell him you are going to renew it asap and ask in a nice way can you drop it in to him when you get the renewal. Tell him you can drop in your insurance cert in the meantime to show you are insured and promise to keep the license with you from then on.

Ours suck, not easy to carry around. I keep mine in my wallet all folded up etc.

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garimac - relax.

Driving with an expired licence is a very minor motoring offence and it happens all the time. Driving without ever having had a relevant licence is a much more serious matter.

Re - Insurance. Insurance companies usually ask if "you hold or have ever held a licence".

You are only required to resit the driving test/tests if your license has expired by more than 10 years.

fightin irish Registered User

This morning i find my license is not anywhere to be found. If stopped like the O.P. is that a standard practice from a guard? Being a bank holiday i don't want to be fined or worse ?

p.s. Don't wanna hijack the thread, Just a relevant thread and all.


Esel Not your ornery onager

Produce the expired license before the 10 days are up. You will get done for not producing. As others have said, no big deal if it's expired.

Renew it anyway - it's a bitch to find your license is expired over 5 years (or is it 10 years?) and you have to re-sit the test!

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€2,000 fine for driving with an expired licence.. judge would only impose a €50 to €100 fine..
its not a criminal offence.. i wouldn't loose sleep over it

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