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1st post in a long time so apologies if this has been addressed before.

A chap I know who is an IT supervisor, in a company I'm familiar with has replaced all Norton products on their system with the AVG one. Using Ad Aware and some form of "Windows Repair Pro" (I googled and found XP Repair Pro, probably that) he finds it runs the full system a lot faster with much less problems than the previous Norton combo.

Just wondering has anyone else heard of/tried this?

I saw my sisters Norton subscription was up so instead of paying whatever it is per year now I thought I'd give the AVG a go, no problems yet. Updated her Ad-Aware and found 7 problems and fixed them, running like new now so I'm well chuffed.

Tried it on my mams laptop (About Windows 0.2 made from sticks, copper and some sand!) Deleted the expired anti-virus in it, (not Norton, some store installed type) downloaded and got rid of a fair bit of crap with Ad Aware, put AVG in, did all the restart thing and now my problem is this. Their laptops are faster than my pc. Ain't that a bitch?

On a real note though, has anyone tried the AVG/Adaware/anything else combo for permanent security and is it safe/recommended?

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If I can find a safe combination of a few programs that give good protection, I'd prefer that than having to update with the Symantec server every time I need to use my little part of my bandwidth ratio because symantec keep stealing all my bandwidth because some little gimp in a tree house in the Philippines is making a new virus, I've timed out before on pacific poker with pocket aces and the flop was K,A,K. Didn't cry but I was close even though it was only play money....if it was real money though I'd be doing time for assault or gbh!


Comodo Firewall Pro is pretty good and free. I have been using Avira Anti-vir for a few months as AVG broke during an update and Spybot-Search and Destroy for spyware/malware (using the resident Teatimer to track registry changes, etc), Ad-Aware and AVG Anti-spyware. Norton is a horrid piece of software, just a resource hog unfortunately.

I Shot J.R. Awaiting Email Confirmation

Cheers Ruu, not familiar with Comodo at all, will have a look.

Redisle Registered User

I use avg free av all the time and I never get any viruses,
I use Windows Defender for anti spyware etc (its actually pretty good)

And I also use spyware blaster (not a detection program at such but its something you just run once and maybe update later, it blocks all the main places where spyware and things can enter your computer)
Get it here

And I also use adaware and run it ocasionaly

ActorSeeksJob Registered User

comodo = one of the best firewalls you can get, and is free
AVG anti-virus = excellent free anti-virus
AVG anti-spyware = the best anti-spyware

using those three will keep your PC extremely safe for a long time

Mr Mojo Registered User

Avast Antivirus is also a very very good free anti-virus program, been using it for years without any problems, you can get the free home edition here

martin84 Registered User

Firewall: Zonealarm/Comodo
Spyware: Adaware/Spybot
AV: AVG/Avast

At work they have changed from Nortons to Trend. Works well.

Little-Devil Registered User

Firewall: Zone-Alarm
Spyware: Ad-aware

I haven't had a virus since i started using Zone-Alarm.

tak Registered User

Kaspersky Internet Security for the lot.

Only problems I have had was when I disabled it on "advice" of one or other fast & loose tech support people.

It puts you back €60 per year (or €80 for 2 years) but compared to cost of recovery that is small.

It does a start-up scan 2 mins after starting the PC. Then a daily update at some convenient time set by the user.

I'd say the fact that you are connecting with a poker site makes you a target for "the boys" . . .


srdb20 Registered User

Me thinks someone works for "pchomehelp"

AlmightyCushion Moderator

I use AVG, Spybot and ad aware. I never get problems with viruses and hopefully never will.

higster Registered User

AV/Firewall: Zonealarm,,,used avg before...50:50 between the 2 but think will go back to avg...
Spyware: Ad-aware & spybot

Redisle Registered User

Maybe he can try paying for advertising?

Steffano2002 Registered User

AntiVirus: AVG Free
Firewall: Comodo Pro
AntiSpyware: Spyware Blaster, AdAware, Spybot S&D, AVG AntiSpyware

Can't go wrong with all this... And it's all free!

ActorSeeksJob Registered User

Could have done all that myself for free and probably better for you kellygav.

kaspersky is the best if you want to pay for an anti-virus for sure. I love SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster, what amazing programs.

F-Secure Online Scanner is also very damn good.

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