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Hi all,

Not strictly surfing but close enough...

Am going to buy a windsurf off a chap but I've no idea how to transport the thing around, just intend on picking it up down the country and dropping it in wexford for the summer, then bring it up to Dublin for the Winter.

Whats the best options for this - roofrack, trailer, strap it in back of car (VW Golf) with boot left open??

Can you rent roofracks or trailers from anywhere for a couple of days?

Do roofracks mess up the paintwork of the car???


Enygma Registered User

Get yourself a roof rack.

If you buy a VW roof rack (€€€€€! Around €130) you get some transparent stickers that protect the paintwork from the roof rack. Of course you could probably get those stickers for a few quid if you looked hard enough

Most windsurfers I've seen seem to have vans full of gear.

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