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Recently I have decided to have a little second childhood- part of this involves a plan to amass quite a large amount of lego over the summer.

With much excitement, I ordered my first Lego set in over a decade from Lego.com, I got an email with a tracking number like this:


But... the email doesn't tell me who is shipping it! The Lego website has a page on shipping, but says that the "express" service is handled by DHL. This number doesn't seem to work on the DHL webby and I was wondering if anybody knew whether or not they use a different company for standard shipping?

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Hopefully your package arrived and you don't need this information, but my last order was delivered by An Post.

I don't order much online because they don't tend to be cheaper than the shops, and the postage is pricey. Occasionally I will order when they have sales and deals on, or when I want a web exclusive item.

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