I've been following the progress of the bluetits in the nestbox for the Mooney program on Radio 1.

Its sad to see the following info on the website..

"Sometime between the hours of 11.30 pm Monday May 28th, and 3:30am Tuesday Monday May 29th, three of the remaining four blue tits in the nestbox died. Originally there were eight nestlings. Currently there is one remaining blue tit in the nest, fighting for life.
On the advice and with the help of Niall Hatch from BirdWatch Ireland, a decision was made to remove the dead nestlings in order to give the last remaining baby blue tit the best chance of survival. We are now on day 18 since the nestlings first hatched - blue tits normally take between 16 and 22 days before they fledge. "

Did anyone hear what happened?? Poor little dudes

barryfitz Registered User

Ah man that sucks. I just got the working for my mam and dad at the weekend, they were on at me for ages to get it going for them (they know feck all bout computers never mind the internet).

Poor little dudes is right

JuanJose Registered User

From what I heard on Mooneys show a couple of days ago (and I didn't catch the full story), the nest-box got hit by a branch of some sort which tilted the box. The box was tilted back and it was after this that 4 of the original 8 died. Whether it was as a result of the box being knocked about or whether it was down to these 4 not getting as much as the others we'll never know.

Of course, what happened next? Flies were attracted to the dead animals and, one can only assume, began to lay their eggs Again I'm presuming that this had a negative effect on the remaining 4 fledglings. Just had a look at the webcam now. I know it's dark, but I can't see the remaining fledgling in the nest. Is this good or bad news??

Lillyella Registered User

Does anyone have the link?

JuanJose Registered User

Good news from RTE.ie!
The last chick survived and, finally, at approximately 7.45pm on Wednesday 30th May 2007, 19 days after hatching, it fledged. It is impossible to know what caused the demise of the others, but the most likely candidate is starvation. The supply of caterpillars, bees and spiders may not have been sufficient to sustain the whole brood. Blue tits are synchronised hatchers; all the chicks emerge at the same time. This means that food is distributed more or less equally among all of the babies. If there is an acute shortage, all of them will be weak and, as almost happened in this case, fail to survive. The loss of the other chicks in our nest may have been timely; it meant that there was enough food to sustain the one successful chick.

Link to the website is http://www.rte.ie/radio/mooneygoeswild/features/mooneycam/index.html, although unfortunately Lilyella, I guess all you'll find is an empty nest, although that means a happy ending, right?

magicbastarder Moderator

a friend of mine has had a blue tit nest literally 3 foot from the door of her office, with about 5 chicks in it. the nest was empty on saturday, so it looks like they all fledged.

she said they were noisy little buggers.

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