Hi all I'm a newbie!

I bought a 2nd hand Wii from Game about 3 weeks ago but discovered that there is a pin setup on the parental controls part....I went into the 'forgot my password' thing and it had a question to which I don't know the answer. Anyone had a problem like this??? Can anyone help me out? I'd really appreciate it.


brainiac Registered User

Im not entirely sure but it seems like your screwed. The people who sold it to GAME should have taken off parental controls first. I think your only hope is to find out who sold it to GAME and go ask them for the password .


Well I was thinking I could try all the codes.....4 digit pin.....0000 to 9999 that makes 10,000 possible combinations. Anyone brave enough to do it for me? Knowing my luck the combination would be 9999

brainiac Registered User

You certainly coild do that but it would take ages!

nedd Registered User

try the usuals, "0000", "1234" and "9999"

if they dont work then bring it back to game. they will have to refund you. manually trying 10,000 codes is never going to happen.

Rhyme Murderator

Talk to GAME, they used to take details when you sold stuff to them, if they have the previous owners details they can either cantact them or put you in touch with them.

Other than that, i'm pretty sure you can format the Wii's memory.

koneko Registered User

According to this:

"You will be prompted to select and answer a secret question that will allow you to retrieve a forgotten Parental Controls PIN. If you forget your PIN, please follow the prompts on screen to answer your secret question. If you are unable to retrieve your PIN by answering your secret question, please call Nintendo Consumer Service."

(I removed the number at the end because it's an American number).

jimmythekidd Registered User

same thing happened to me but I had the guy's number who I bought it off so I could get the code.

as others have suggested:
go back to game - they might have the sellers details
or ring nintendo, they might have a reset/fix for you

Hypnotoad Registered User

Pesky parents block it up on you?
Or is this a serious case?

Anyway,something like this happened to a friend and she got the code first go...maybe it's set to something easy.


No Hypnotoad, as I said I bought a 2nd hand WII which already had a pin set up! anyway I don't live with my parents and if I did they certainly would not put a pin on a machine I own

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