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Tucson Connie

connie bw polar.jpg

Three aircraft pics from the Meet Your Navy weekend at Portsmouth Naval Base on 25th July.

Royal Navy Lynx aboard RFA Largs Bay.

Royal Danish Navy Super Lynx aboard the Danish Naval vessel HDMS Hvidbjornen (white or polar bear)

And one for Styre, a HM Coastguard AW 139 during a SAR demo

I will be posting some of the ship pics in the Military section shortly.


Three views of the Star Over London that is doing sightseeing trips over London untill the 15 Aug. Very expensive though, £360 for a 1 hour trip. Very graceful and quiet way to see London if you had the money. She is a Zepplin built in Germany.

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Air Marshall Islands Dash8

The Dash only returned to service in May this year having gone out of service in August last year!

Air Marshall Islands Dornier 228

The Dornier was grounded about 2 months after this photo in July 07 and is still not repaired...

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Also comes in green..

And blue!

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Fresh from the factory.

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^ Nice paint job. ATR-72 is it?

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ATR 72-500 just came from Toulouse.

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A few more offerings from me.

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Dublin Airport

fed ex.jpg
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Dublin Airport

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One of a few that I tried to get in Hong Kong the other day:

If only I could figure out how to take better pictures through glass though as it was too sunnoy on the other side of the terminal.

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