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Does anyone know if the above are available online? I've done a few searches and there seems to be a conflict between http://easytide.ukho.gov.uk/EasyTide/EasyTide/ShowPrediction.aspx?PortID=0688&PredictionLength=7
and http://www.surfworldireland.com/section-2.aspx?item_id=276.

Which is correct and where can reliable tables be found? Thanks in advance.

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The ones on magicseaweed.com seem accurate enough

Yorky Registered User

Thanks but they only have the current day's times. Is there a website that gives the tide tables for the entire year?

irishsurfer Registered User

Two options.
Take time of High Water for Galway, and add 42 minutes to that for Donegal bay High Water.

Tides tables are available in many chandelries , surfshops etc and as free print-off Pocket Almanacs in the weather section of irishsurfer.com
These cover about 3 months, but the current one is running late.

There are also links there to an tide calculator, but that will only give you 7 days.

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its well worth the few euro's

Evil Phil Contact Section

http://www.bundoransurfco.com/surf_report.aspx seems to have some information but I think its coming from magicseaweed.

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that is the best, most accurate source of times for the whole year.
available for only 2 euro from the surf shop.
magicseaweeds tide time are always out by half an hour or so.

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