little miss Registered User

I know this is a common question, but has anyone found something that actually gets rid of them quickly or stop them appearing at all? I blame my boyfriend's stubble for the one's that appeared on my face today!

Stargal Registered User

Oh no, cold sores suck I usually try aloe-vera gel, which seems to suck out all of the goo and dries them up really quickly. Otherwise have you tried those clear patches that you put over them? They're meant to speed up the healing plus they cover them as well, so you can put make up over them.

Hope you don't have to suffer it for too long, they're really horrible little yokes.

rannerap Meow

zovirax is good

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Malteaser! Registered User

you could get some vitamin E tablets, ya know the ones that are liquidy on the inside and break them open and just put it directly on it!!

Endurance Man Registered User

Lived in the sun for 17 years, these where the bane of my life but once i discovered tea-tree oil i was basking , seriously it works every time for me.

little miss Registered User

thanks for all the tips! Yeah, I usually use zovirax but not finding it too effective. Short of not kissing my boyfriend when he's stubbly, I'll try some of your suggestions!


Those clear strips didnt work for me at all. I put perfume on it when I feel the tingle, as the alcohol in it dries it up. Its worked for me so far, as mad as it sounds. I havent had one in over 18 months.

Endurance Man Registered User

Zavorix is crap along with all those other cold sore creams, wasted so much money on them.


Cooties... Ughhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Only joking!)

Read somewhere that Zovirax only decreases the duration
of the cold-sore by 2 days but better than nothing.

Take some Vitamin C + Zinc supplements (Rubex or similar)
as it'll help your immune system. These helped lots when I was
in the Nevada desert (killer sun and low humidity is real bad
for lips).

Nytfevr Registered User

I only ever had a cold sore once, I tried zovirax but it didn't do anything, asked my pharmacist and she recomended something else, can't remember the name of it but it was over the counter, the way it worked was that it froze off the cold sore. It was gone the next day! Hope you can find it.

artnotort Registered User

yeah i've heard the perfume trick works before but it sounds painful.
never had a cold sore myself

Shazbot Registered User

Cold sore sufferer myself, I usually use zovirax. It doesn't prevent the virus from growing but simpley speeds up the rate of growth. Usually gone in 7 days.

Unfortunatly if you get coldsores then you have them for life.

sonners Registered User

Perfume or mens aftershave works wonders. I've tried Zovirax (dont waste your money), tea-tree, etc. and they were'nt near as good. When I have a coldsore I carry around a little bottle of ck one and dab a bit on 5 or 6 times a day. It should be gone within 4 or 5 days.

Femelade Registered User

You can get L- Lycene tablets in the chemist, they are to help get rid of them and prevent them..

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Malteaser! Registered User

I've never heard of that putting perfume on them before, sounds, um, poisonous!!

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