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I was ordering a load of gear off OCUK a few minutes ago when I was asked to register with some MBNA 3D Secure scheme. So I had to fill in all the details. Once that was done I entered in my password. The order was processing when I was told that the Credit Card was declined. Yet all of the details are correct.

I checked my new 3D Secure MBNA account and there are two receipts for two of the same purchases. Yet OCUK never sent me out any order details in the mail.

So I sent a message to OCUK. Can anyone explain what happened? I'm really worried I've been charged twice.

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Contact your CC company ask them what the story is.

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On hold while I wrote that

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Well what a crazy ordeal. Apparently the order receipts are missing a denied field or should not of shown up at all. Two different people over at MBNA confirmed that no such transaction went through. Then after probing a bit more, I asked for them to pull down the list of all transactions. And behold! Two denied transactions where there. Reason, bad security number. Load of BS.

So I hung up a happy and curious man. Still not knowing why my CC was refused. I tried again and during putting in my 3 digit security number the previous number that was entered appeared below. It was the right number. So I didn't put in the wrong number! The order went through properly this time.

I have a few little web development extensions on firefox. They are throwing out a few errors on the new VISA 3D Secure transactions receipts page. There are even a few dead links. Bad flow the websites screens too. Seems like it's still WIP. The business analyst or developer should shove his FRD up his/her ass cause the whole site is ****e. But it's a great idea and hassle free once registered and providing you don't use the site I was also amazed at how quick and easy it is to get onto MBNA support. They spoke english too

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Either you tell us what you bought or go away to the money & finance forum. "A load of gear" as you put it does not tell us much at all

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As good as OcUKs range is, they always seem to mess up my orders.
I've made 4 orders with them over the last 6 years or so, and twice they declined my credit card, and didn't even tell me. I had to email them and ask where my order was, only to be told to ring my credit card company to sort it.

All they do is ring OcUK on your behalf and they get it sorted that way. I dunno what kind of system they have, they are the only online company that i've ever had trouble with over the last decade or so.

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Either you tell us what you bought or go away to the money & finance forum. "A load of gear" as you put it does not tell us much at all

Nuclear weapons and shares in a company called "None of your business"

It was stuff for a new PC I'm building. The list is knocking about the builds and upgrades forum

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