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Hi all, this is my first post to this or any other forum so I hope I am posting in the right place.
I have recently being diagnosed with type 2, not quite four weeks, and I am suffering from information overload that is causing me terrible frustration and confusion. Why might you ask am I seeking more information then! Well, reading through these forums it has presented me with the comments of "real" people instead of booklets, websites, seemingly impossibly dietary restrictions, hypos and hypers and many other terms that were like a foreign language only a few short weeks ago.
I have two requests... can anyone tell me what they consider good or bad blood sugar levels.... I average about 8 with lows in the high 6's and highs of just over 10 occasionally. I am not on medication. Any comments welcome.
My second request is that I would welcome contact from anyone with diabetes who would like to correspond or IM.
Many Thanks


Hi you'll find we're all type 1 here (as far as I know) but the readings you post are not bad. The long-term levels should be around 6-7 mark so you don't need to do much tweaking. I'm interested that you are'nt popping any pills, they must think you are at the benign end of the condition.

How old are you (if thats not too rude) and are you on the well-built side (if thats not too rude!)?


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Hi Mike,
Thanks for your reply. I am 50, male, 11st , avarage build. I am not on any pills just yet and just getting used to testing blood.


hey Freudian -

Welcome to the club! I'm type one myself as well, but your blood sugars are what I'm aiming for! I think 8 is pretty good as an average, my doc's general advice is to aim to be under 10 as much as possible, but you'll find different people get different advice - not hugely different tho. Don't worry about the information overload, we've all been there, it becomes very mundane very quickly



Hi you'll find we're all type 1 here



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If your getting numbers between 6 and 10 then that sounds about right, and is a better range than I manage to stay within and I've been doing this for years.


Someone always has to try and be different.

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Thanks all,,, guess I shouldn't complain so!
But its a hell of a shock to be diagnosed and learn just how serious a condition it really is.


True but they do that deliberatly - "stuff will fall off, you WILL go blind" etc.
Just keep the numbers sensible, stay off the booze/fags and you'll be fine.



I was diagnosed at 21, and my mam just assumed I was impotent, until we had an excruciatingly awkward conversation about 5 years later!


Hi Freudian,

I'm in much the same boat as yourself with diet controlled type 2 and I'm approaching the 4th anniversary of diagnosis. I would say that your numbers are good for a beginner ;-) but you will over time learn to get them down. I would assume that if your not on tablets your 1aC is ok.

I have learned what will impact on my BS level during the day and alot depends on the physical activity that I manage during the day and this can be as little as wandering around the office. Obviously a big feed impacts. And finally for me even if I am up a 4 or 5 pounds on the weighing scale my levels will be up.

I don't know whether you will have seen a consultant yet (took me a year) or a dietician (took me 6 months) but the nurses will have given you a good overview including a weight target based on your height.

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Holy God! You dont mean I might have to start walking around the office!!


Holy God! You dont mean I might have to start walking around the office!!

This was clearly stated in the terms and conditions when you signed up.

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Just one more question...I bought a relatively cheap glometer (freestyle mini) and was wondering how reliable and accurate these things are? Should I be looking or something better?
Ok, I know thats two questions.

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or glucomoter even!

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Dam! GLUCOMETER! I really will have to download that spell checker

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